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    Allo all =] Ashie here! I'm new so i saw this is where people introduce themselves and felt it was my turn! Ha! I've tried playing KSM before managed to get the page to make a account translated ( thanks google chrome) then saw i needed a KSS and did some research and saw it was near impossible for me to manage to do it alone and randomly today after a few months on a whim decided to do a google search on it and stumbled across this forum ( hurrah! ) I'm 24 and from the good 'ole U S of A and don't speak a bit of any other language minus a few occasional spanish words ( thanks to a cousin who screams them at me)but anywho I've been a mapler since the days of GMS beta i've played one other version of maple ( JMS) and found it to be pretty neat but ended up stopping cause i wasn't able to find people who spoke in English =P but i'm glad to see there's a community of like minded people here ( English speaking BWAHAHA ) Can't wait to meet you all! Have fun mapling on which ever version you play! -waves ... more like flailing-

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    welcome and im starting too xD



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