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    I have found you.

    After having my account completely wrecked in one of the ban spams from Nexon, I quit for a long time. But I keep coming to back to this game, no clue why. And seeing how I'm from Europe and my account is on global (before they removed the global part of global) I need a new account on a different server. Can't play global without a proxy now which is a pain ;_; Hoping maple korea will serve me better than Maple Europe did when i tried that back in the day.

    Appreciate the offer you guys have here at helping people join in from outside of Korea :)

    cheerio, pip pip.

    Also i forgot to mention, the way I heard of this side in the first place was through basilmarket post where a person was testing the luminous class on twitch and showing us the skills etc. He kept saying he wasn't allowed to advertise but did it anyways lol, glad he did.
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