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    Cool im a freshman here!

    I have been into Maplesea for quite long, seing the changes since i was 7 to 17. Anyone transfered from maplesea to KMS? I think KMS is a lot cooler as there are more maps and it is bigger. ;) Hope I can play the game very soon.

    I'm very very new btw ;)
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    Hey kimjit, Welcome to Leafre!

    Be sure to read the Getting Started Guide, The Forum Rules and Leafre's Ultimate Guide Now go click dat shiz, they will make things much easier for you.

    Also, we recommend that you read the[Info]Starting Your KMS Adventure – RED Edition guide to help you depart on your journey. Lastly you should read the [Info]Ultimate Translation Project v3! for some useful translations.

    Hope you enjoy your stay at Leafre.



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