Hey guys. I just created a KMS account. My friend plays in this awesome world (Cosmo) I said awesome because I like the name. Just that its dead. You see a person walk by you like every 4 hours.

Anyways. I made a Luminous in Culverin (Forum Server since it has a lot of players, and it has English Speaking people)

So yeah my IGN in Culverin is LordiPod

(Someone took Lord) (Someone took iPod) (Now, someone took LordiPod)

Why didnt I put iTzIpod as my name? :p I used it in Cosmo. I made 2 Luminous (iTzIpodGK and iTzIpod) just to see the difference between the 2 classes. (Good & Evil)

But anyways.

Just here to say hello

Please add me as a buddy in Culverin. Please I beg you. I picked Good for my character in Culverin..

I wanted to make another character but then when I made it, it was a girl.. I didnt get the option to make it a guy.