HaiHai all my new peeps and peepettes out there in Leafreland!
Milk here, laying down that block of text commonly known as an introduction!

I played KMS a while-back. I started about, 2 months prior to Big Bang, and played for a decent time into the patch.
-It was more or less just me, a few personal friends and some other ENG players we ran into.

Things dwindled down once I started college and what-not, then I stopped playing entirely.
-But I've always been keeping up with the goings-ons in KMS, even though I didn't experience them.
Anyway~ I felt it was time to play some more, since I haven't really been doing much else in the line of...well...MMOing.

Quick-crap about moi: I'm an artist. (A pretty bad one, imo.) I tend to scribble drawings a lot. Not that many are good/decent/whatever. (Link to crappy dA is in mah-sig.)
I'm an avid gamer. mainly RPGs and fighting games. If anyone has a PS3 and wants to play Skullgirls or Marvel, I'm always game for some casuals.
-I'm pretty...silly-- In a sense. I don't take a lot of stuff seriously unless the current mood is serious. I hope that doesn't get annoying~

Anyways: TL;DR - Hai I'm Milk. Nice to meet-cha!