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    Well Hello

    Hi, I stumbled across this while looking about google and KMS because I'm extremely interested in the Phantom Thief class. It's not that I like them having cards or canes or hats or stealing skills. It's the story. That korean maplestory video is what got me hooked. Now, I would have played them regardless, being a "bandwagon-hopper" but now I have a reason to be playing them. I REALLY LOVE THEIR STORY.

    I don't care that they're not a strong class, or that they're epic support mule slaves. I just love that story, and I really want to play the class because of it. I tried a few private servers that said they had the skills. All they did was take a skill and merge the visual onto the .wz of another skill so it was this half done blob that failed miserably and made me want to puke.

    So, I've been looking around for what I should post about and I really don't know what/where to post because I'm going to sound like one of those people begging for an account saying "hao 2 make accnt, it no let mezz". Well, guess I'll just lurk and watch this thread.

    Annnd, a question. How strict is KMS and .wz edits, because you guys ARE translating the game, so that would be an edit, which confuses me because GMS/MSEA and all the other ones go nuts over every little change you do. You can't even do visual swaps anymore.

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    Welcome to! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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