Hiiiii Leafre! I wasn't active on Leafre for quite a while and I am sorry about that but I wasn't on KMS either as you guildmates can recall. I wasn't really playing Maplestory for a while until February. I started playing GMS and such but I haven't forgotten about Leafre:) But I did start having problems with my computer and I didn't have computer for a week. Which also sucks is that the guy who fixed my computer left our computer in horrible condition. We lost 2 GB of memory and all of my Maplestory games (GMS, KMS, v83 PS, D.ChaosMS, etc.) were deleted and I couldn't even play Maplestory. So I have been going through a tough time now and I do not think I will be playing KMS for a while but I will probably stay in touch with the friends and people I have on Leafre. I am sorry for taking you guys for granted and I hope you can forgive me even though I don't deserve it. Leafre was a nice experience and I want to get back to it.

Best Wishes,