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    Accepting an account from outside sources

    With the dramatic increase of players wanting to join KMS, I feel the need to address this issue.
    Some people here may end up applying and failing a couple of times then giving up hope which eventually leads to pleading others for accounts. But you should know there are high risks for accepting an account from an unknown person/outside non-credible source.

    What's the risks?
    Well, for one, if you are accepting an account from an average Joe, they have access to your account and EVERYTHING on it. No matter how much times you change the info, they will still have access.

    Second, if they did not give you ALL the info, your account is already in risk. Your account maker might've quit or you lost contact with him and totally forgot to give you the rest of the info. Now if you:
    1. Got hacked, that's the end of the road
    2. Forgot your info, you're blocked out for good
    3. Consecutively log in 5 times wrong in the website, you'll be locked out until you verify your information.

    So be aware of where you are getting your account from. I am NOT saying to only pick us, but to be aware. It's better to be patient than to grief in the near future.
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