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    Major change in guide/drill hall section

    Reasons: (Same thread twice)

    I posted the announcements yesterday, however they are easy to miss and they are not super duper flashy, so here's a re-post especially because they come into effect today.

    @Supermarioz5, @KremeChoco Request Move to Forum Announcements, possibly? :3
    I will be enforcing all of these rules. @Ouchiess gave me permission to post the announcement by stating something along the lines of me "being in charge of these sections". (Quote not available at this time.)

    Yes, I will be meticulously reporting each and every one of you and, unless you want to be like a certain somebody who got -2200 points for spamming/necroing, I would suggest reading.

    you MUST follow these steps or you WILL get infracted and, if you do this too many times, possibly temporarily or evenpermanently banned.
    Additionally, the more you spam the harder your application gets judged.
    Please post ALL class/training-related questions inside the Drill Hall so that they can be moderated.

    therefore all threads now regarding class/training will be considered spam if not posted in the Drill Hall.

    ADDITIONALLY, if you see someone request-close a thread, do NOT post in that thread. Unless you have something important to contribute, you WILL get infracted.

    4. Spamming
    Messages that serve no purpose.
    Includes but not limited to:
    • Unrelated material to the topic
    • Flooding
    • Necroposting
    • Blank Quoting
    Offense: ★

    Name: Definition: Scenario: Example Post(s):
    Unrelated material Known more commonly as spam Thread about Mikhails I like Dual Bladers
    Flooding Saying something repeatedly
    see: spamming forums instead of in a post
    All New Posts In Past 3 minutes I like this.
    Necroposting Bringing a dead thread "back to life" Question threads dated 3 months back I think this class is good.
    Blank Quoting Quoting for the sake of quoting something
    Specifically to bring people to the thread
    Any Thread Quote an Admin and have nothing in it.
    spamspamspamspamspam spamspamspamspamspam spamspamspamspamspam spamspamspamspamspam
    Top Posting Repeating what someone "above" you wrote
    Above as in before you.
    Translation Help Thread Repeating what the guy before me said
    without adding anything to the topic
    Multi Posting Posting the same thread twice. Asking for help in two different sections or threads
    Cross Posting Continuing a conversation in an entirely
    different thread; mostly with Multi Posting
    Two ask for help threads and reply to one person in the thread
    he's not in.
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    Closed. I will bet anyone this will get spammed lol



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