Hi guys,

I wanted to bring something to everyone's attention regarding the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of the site. Since the launch of Leafre 2.0 I've been getting around 5 e-mails daily from people asking why they can't access their accounts, that their passwords aren't working, what happened to the site, and how they can register for a KMS account. The 'Contact Us' form is only for serious issues regarding Leafre.net. If for some reason you've tried to reset your password and it's not working and you can't contact us any other way or if there is a serious problem with the website or something you do not feel comfortable discussing with an administrator via the report button or PM then, and only then, should you use the 'Contact Us' form. I responded to about fifteen people the first few days because I understand there may have been some confusion since no announcement was put up prior to the switch but seriously guys, use your heads. There was even an announcement put up on the chatbox for guests to read. I also do not appreciate people spamming me in poor grammar asking how 'can i g3tz a kmz ac0unTZSSS na0oo0o0oo0o pl0x!~~~~'. Keep in mind it is a privilege, not a right. I will be ignoring all e-mails that don't have to do with technical errors/serious account issues.