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    S> shet tons of books

    I have a lot of books and I will say the ones I remember.
    2x TOPT 20
    1x kaiser nw 20
    2x will of swords 20
    3x kaiser mob skill thats level 30
    1x blow streak 20
    1x gigaslasher 20
    3x gigaslasher 30
    1x kaiser master 20
    3x lumi master 20
    2x lumi master 30
    1x darkness sorcery 20
    1x darkness sorcery 30
    2x Dark Serenity 30
    xx pirate spirit 30
    1x rapid fire 20
    xx nautilus ship 20
    3x nautilus ship 30
    1x purge area 20
    1x Ultimate Drive 20
    1x Ultimate Drive 30
    1x Tempest of cards 20
    1x flame wheel 20
    1x magic master 20
    1x magic master 30
    1x trinity 20
    1x trinity 30
    1x paralyze 20
    1x viperisition 20
    1x viperisition 30
    1x mist explosion 20
    Pretty sure i have more, I will update when i have time
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    get to level 50[x]
    get to level 70[x]
    get to level 90[x]
    get to level 120[x]
    get to level 140[x]
    get to level 160[-]
    get to level 180[-]
    get to level 200[-]
    make an UA[x]



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