I've those books: Final Attack 30, Heaven's Hammer 20, Pray of Aria 30, Demon Impact 30, Ultimate Drive 30, Soul Steal 20, Tempest of Cards 30, Infernal Breath 20, Monkey Magic 30, Nova Warrior 20, Dark Crescendo 20, Cannon Bazooka 30, Advanced Sword Mastery 20 & 30, Sword Strike 20, Soul Assault 30 and Absolute Kill 30. I'm looking for Mercedes books that aren't Legendary Spear 20, Bowgun Mastery 30, Defense Break 20 and Final Attack 30 (I trade Mercedes books for those above).
And I need some help with setting up a shop, first of all, the prices. How much those cost: Fearless Dagger (125, killic), Heaven's Gate (2h, level 80, 9% STR and 15% past monster defense) and level 80 Shining Rod (9% attack, 6% STR and 15% past monster defense). And considering I'd like to put some of the books I mentioned on it, which ones should I put and for how much? And what would be the best shop to get (1 day, 7 days, 30 days)?