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    Trading or Buying! (NX related)

    Hello everyone, 3 or 4 days ago I bought a Kino and I need it on my AB, and since I bought it on my Luminous and it's impossible to trade NX items more than once, I need to trade this Kino for a new Kino but have that person give that Kino to my AB. SO If you plan on buying a Kino whenever AB comes out I'll gladly trade you this Kino if you would give me the Kino you bought to my AB, OR I'm buying a 1 day Mushy Shop (The cheapest one in the FM) my rates are 1:26 (I'm not made of money and that's the normal rate) I'll be very grateful if someone can trade my Kino for their Kino, since that would save me a TON of Mesos, but if not it's fine and I can just do the alternative which is sell it in the Mushy Shop to my AB. Thank you for reading this. (And incase you're afraid of a scam or something I'll give you my Kino first. P.S. you will be required to show proof of your Kino if we do it that way, Example : An SS or something.)
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