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    [Latale] Season 2 Storm- The Evolution Of Latale.

    I take no credit for this info, also if you want to play Korean latale, go to Its literally the easiest korean registering ever, adult kssns do not need verifying. No I will not give you a kssn but I will help with registering if you have a working one.

    Basically a huge ass patch that will make latale alot more popular.

    Job changes-
    Base Class Skill Level Req
    Weapons with only 5 skills learn at lv1, lv5, lv12, lv20 and lv35
    Magic (which only has 3 skills) now can be learned at lv1, lv10 and lv30
    Knuckle which owns 6 skills can now be learned at lv1, lv2, lv5, lv12, lv20 and lv35

    -Warlord / Dragoon
    *2H sword
    +They now gain new skill, jumping and throwing slices, sword wave, charge and throw a few slices
    +Triple Clash's 3rd hit now changed to uppercut form, most skill execution time are now halved

    +They now gain new skill such as stabbing the spear on the floor while spinning around the spear, a short charge hit, hitting the ground then stab repeatedly fast, combination of hits that looks cool
    +Burst Lancer now deals much faster hits, most skill execution time are now halved

    -Blader / Strider
    +They now gain new skill such as repeated stabbing and hitting when landing on the moving skill

    -Templar / Holy Order
    *1H Sword
    +They now gain new skills such as, doing series of hits drawing out a star, rushing forward force bounce on enemy getting hit, repeated stabbing and shield throw that stuns
    +Sonic Blade now deals more hits than before, all skill execution time are halved

    +They now gain new skill such as, shield throw, hitting blocks one by one, spinning the mace and hitting people with a big hammer, same animation as the current mace 2nd skill
    +Mace's 2nd skill now changed to stabbing the ground, forming a 6 edged snowflake looking wave on the ground, most skill execution time are now halved

    -Guardian / Saint
    +They gain new skills now such as repeatedly hitting, some skill that i assume absorbs HP (due to animation reasons) and uppercut kick (I might have missed something)
    +Their skill gain vast changes and they are still fast as ever

    -Treasure Hunter / Ruin Walker
    +They now gain new skills such as, jumping and throw rains of daggers, some skill that look like Masquerade, ninja rush stab and a small stab
    +Masquerade now bounces enemy more and chains skill even on air, RWs with high crit rate and dmg can easily defeat enemies in PvP with new skills, few stabs would kill unless enemy stacks HP, most skill's execution time are now halved

    +They now gain new skills such as shooting from a small fortress, repeated shooting with flower petals as effect, repeated small glowing arrow shooting and also evasive shot (only 1 hit)
    +Few Arrow Rain tree skills gain more hits now

    +They now gain new skills such as shooting upwards and the shots come back down, striking the ground and shooting a big arrow from a big crossbow (might have missed out something)
    +Wide shot now deals more hits, most skill's execution time are now halved

    -Gunslinger / Duelist
    +They now gain new skills such as jumping over enemy while shooting downwards, jump and repeatedly shooting the same spot, shooting on boards both side and also a single bullet flying through
    +Skills doesn't seem to have vast changes

    -Sorcerer / Elemental Master
    +They now gain new skills such as, the genie pluck, magical arrow shooting and magic beam field

    +Summons field that does 2 hits and slows enemy down
    +Ice Storm now doesn't require to freeze the enemy to hit them

    +Summons 2 hurricane twirling around you for 3 times max
    +Cyclone Cutter changed to Hurricane looking skill, Aero Slicer changed to a new skill that hits all around (both vertical and horizontal range), Tornado Swing force bounce on 3rd job

    +Throws a series of fireball and one final explosion at the end
    +Flame Burst now deals 3 hits

    +Gather earth particles and then burst them dealing damage
    +Earth Dragon changed to Earth rise, having horizontal range, Sky Dragon and Twin Dragon changed to some stone forward hit and also earth dragon, horizontal and vertical range

    -Bard / Minstrel
    +They gain new skills such as Cello play, Music note drop and also hitting the guitar on the ground creating a wave
    +Evil Sound now plays x2 faster on 3rd job

    -Meister / Engistar
    +They gain new skills such as a machine that heals them occasionally on green light, a machine that puts the enemy to sleep and missle launch from missle truck
    +Current 4 skills stays the same

    -Soul Breaker
    +They harness the power of the Red Soul, offensive play, they can stun with their skill they learn on lv35, the Rabana Crimson Hammer

    -Soul Reaver
    +They harness the power of Red Soul and Blue Soul, both having their own play styles and also changed the 4 general skill styles according to the soul activated, each soul owns 2 of their own skills

    *Red Soul
    +Offensive play, Uses the power of Bear Wolf, Bear, King Goblin, Magic Field and also Rabana Hammer and Giants

    *Blue Soul
    +Defensive play, Allows combo between weak and hard attack (weak, weak, weak, weak, hard) , Uses the power of debuffing, Vampanelar(heals), Kalad Burg, Asura's Fist and also Special Shield buff and Kong's Crush

    -Soul Lord
    +They harness the power of Red Soul, Blue Soul and also Dark Soul, each soul now owns 3 skill of their own and also 4 general skill that changes to the soul activated

    *Red Soul
    +Rabana Screw now added in

    *Blue Soul
    +idk what's the new skill

    *Dark Soul
    +Summoning Play, Summons monster to attack enemies, uses Shaggy, Random Gauntlet(assume belongs to Hero King), Polar Bear and Dark Hole and also Oberon and Titania Beam, Invoke Flame Blast and some other skill

    -Elemental Stones now add all 5 elemental stats, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind and Dark
    -Wind walk now lasts 9mins
    -Most combo bar skills doesn't have any changes
    -1 of 2H sword new wave skill deals 2k+ scar in PvP for successful hits
    -Shaggy summon deals 1k+ scar in PvP for successful hits
    -New wind all around skill have the ability to 14k crit in PvP
    -New ninja rush stab skill can crit up to 7.8k with only 1 hit
    -Once caught in the eye of a HO, you can barely escape unless someone else interupts
    -Most class that start a combo in PvP on you means death unless low ping and good escaping skills

    Basically what this means? every class got revamped and became overpowered....

    Psykicker aka bucc of latale. Which is the worse class currently...(ironic ikr) Got buffed to extreme limits. This is the HIGHEST dungeon currently that isn't that easy to solo.

    New Class

    1.Soul Breaker Class description

    △Soul Breaker are Hybrid type class which can change into 3 different style of battle depending on the situation.

    △Each Battle Style which changes the battle form
    you can advance up to 3rd Class Soul Lord.

    2.Soul Breaker Feature

    △Soul Breaker are Dark Element Magic Class, that uses Soul Stone weapon.

    △Battle Style will add one style per class advance, by the time you are on last class which is Soul Lord,
      the following three soul can be freely used.

    △Red Soul
    - Battle Style specialized in close range attack.
    - Able to use from Soul Breaker

    △Blue Soul
    - Battle Style specialized in defense
    - Able to use from Soul Reaver

    △Dark Soul
    - Battle Style specialized in long range attack
    - Able to use from Soul Reaver

    ■ Soul Breaker [First Class]

    ■Soul Reaver [Second Class]

    ■ Soul Lord [Third Class]

    ■ New Resolution added.

    - 1024768
    - 1280800

    ※To change resolution, it is under the Game Option Resolution Tab.
    ※Due to resolution changes, you can now also select Window Mode inside Game Option as well as Launcher Setting.

    Enchant, Upgrade, Level Down Enchant, all become one UI

    Amount of Quickslot has been increased.

    ■ Option -> Setting -> ETC will have option [Quickslot Expand] which allow you to use expanded quickslot.

    Shop can now buy item in multiple amount.

    ■ Shift Key + Mouse Right Click allow you to select the amount of item before you purchase.

    Beauty Shop Preview system has been expanded.

    ■ With previously front view, side view and back view added.

    Loot System has been upgrade.

    ■ You can now set the item rareness limit on Pet's Auto Loot.

    ■ After the owner look at the item bag on the floor, if you cancel looting the item, party member who are in the certain area can also be able to view the item bag.

    Quest Guide added.

    ■ All quest that are available will appear in the Quest Guide.

    - Can be checked at Quest Window (Q)

    In the mini map (M) NPC image will come with either Available or Complete Quest.

    ■ Skill can obtain with Ely use.

    ■ 5th Skill also can be obtain without using the SS5 Coin.

    ■ Skill Reset Book sold in Shop has the same effect as Expert Skill Reset Book.

    Character Slot will expand up to 5 Slot.

    Oh and Job advancements are no longer at 80 but at 50 now. With the new exp you get that takes less than 2 days.
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