A friend of mine refuses to play this game because of the absolutely horrible customer service he received when the game came out. He loved the beta, he loved the game, but the person on the other end of the phone who gave him a hard time over his account, killed it for him. Though in his defense, six phone calls, being hung up on, and treated like crap by some mouth breathing contract support worker is enough to make me froth at the mouth, and I work in tech support.

Bioware/EA needs to address the serious customer service issues that are plaguing this MMO. I think part of the problem is that Bioware wasn't prepared to deal with the volume/demand from the user base for service. I would imagine that Blizzard had similar issues during the launch of WoW. The customer service at Blizzard is pretty good. Never had an issue there. I think given a few more months a lot of the issues, and headaches surrounding customer care will be ironed out. These thing should be planned for but don't happen overnight.