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Thread: La Tale~

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    La Tale~

    So pretty much, i am on GMS and i already have a 2m~2m clean range and its like meh....
    I spend a lot of money on gaming and now i was wondering, if i should play la tale...
    i was just curious to is it a pay to win game? and is it very populated?
    im very ignorant about la tale, anything would be nice...

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    The game is pretty good. It doesn't require money at all. Most style items you can obtain from events and from random players. The population isn't that big, but it sure is friendly. Comparing to MapleStory it has fluent combat and some great skills at times. Unfournately, La Tale doesn't have much classes or other cool features. Let's say you were playing with Warrior and you were given the option to choose Warlord or Blader. Warlord sticks with the combos and great stuff from Warrior. Blader is heavily based on your MP, also I must include you have no skills for Blader. Most are passive or boosts, your combos use up tons of mp. It's quite ridiculous. In La Tale, there's the sub class thingies. Blader's sub class is pretty good otherwise, probably the only thing I actually aimed for. Blader has some exclusive abilities, like a spring jump which can cover some ground. Unfournately, Warlord doesn't have this but it atleast better then having to replenish your mp most of the times. Final Verdict... It's a pretty good game. Is it better than MS? Give it some better classes and skills, maybe it can beat MS. Other than that, it's pretty fun but annoying considering the harsh leveling you have to do.
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