Hello, I'm looking for people who would like to play mafia. If you don't know what it is I'm going to give you an overview of what the game is about. :) If you do and would like to play, please join the group I created. I'm trying to get a game started as soon as I can.

I am the current moderator/host of the games.

Basic Rules: Each game will consist of 9 players. 7 townies and 2 mafia. The objective for the townies is to rid the town of the mafia through lynching and the goal for the mafia is to kill all the townies and overpopulate or have an equal population to the townies.

The "day" time is 72 hours where townies discuss who to lynch and who they think is suspicious. Townies can only communicate during the "day" through the game thread that will be created. The mafia are disguised as the townies and also vote, trying to stay inconspicuous. During the "night" which is 48 hours, the mafia can privately communicate through PMs to vote on who they will kill. They can only kill one person per night. They will report who they wish to kill to the moderator via PM.

Lynching: The townies have the ability to choose one person they think as suspicious and vote. The person who has over 50% (Majority) of the votes gets lynched. You can change your vote.

More detailed explanations are in the group discussions and roles and rules are also here: http://www.sitesled.com/members/mike...afiascum04.swf

Please join so I can get a game started as soon as possible! ^^