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    MMORPG to recommend?

    Well ever since the death of KMS (rip mapur), I've been running out of online games to play with. Osu gets boring every once in a while, and I'm not really good at MOBA or FPS games, so I figured MMORPG is my best choice so far.

    So I'd like to hear some interesting MMORPG to play, preferably English ones but if the better ones are in other languages (maybe Korean or Japanese) then it's okay too.

    By interesting I mean I hope it has maybe good storyline, decent graphics and not too complicated.

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    I played C9 a bit
    It has towns and instanced dungeons ( not open world )
    It's a free MMORPG that has a good combo system [ Also PvP ]
    You have a variety of moves to dish out on your enemies,
    which can in the form of aerial combos.
    In most dungeons, you'll face many small hordes of enemies as you go through the map to reach the final boss.

    There are also MANY classes to choose from.
    There are 5 main classes, which each branch off into sub-classes,
    sort of like the Maplestory job advancement.
    Each class has around 4 sub-classes ( one class has 3 ),
    so there's many things you can choose.
    There's 12 starting character slots, which should be more than enough for you to try a bunch out.
    You advance at level 20, so you don't really get to see your new class until mid-game .-.
    C9 is definitely worth trying.



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