Earlier this week, the developers of Kritika, All-M had a media conference concerning the updates to the game.

It was announced that in April, there will be more end-game dungeons, and in May, a new system called “Awakening” will be added. Also, a 1 V 1 PvE Arena will be added. Coming up next in the summer is also a new PvP system, and a brand new class with new maps to boot!
It was also announced that the Chinese publishing company Tencent Games, the largest in China, will be hosting the Chinese server for Kritika next year!
On a side note, back in January, Tencent Games had given hints of a new “Naruto Online” game after its official partnership with Namco Bandai, Shueisha, and Cyber Connect 2. On the 18th of April, Tencent Games will be holding a conference in which they will talk more about the Naruto Online. Not much is known so far, but Tencent Games did announce that Naruto Online WILL be browser-based, but it will give off the same feeling as a full scaled MMORPG.