Just joined the forum, and happened to notice there isn't any E3 thread! That's a huge offence!

It's already into day 2, but better late then ever.

What are you guys looking forward to? Anyone of you actually at E3? Anything anyone has noticed in the trailers or anything? Maybe you have some predictions at what little left there still is there?

I'm pleasantly surprised about the FF VII remake, Last Guardian gameplay, and Starfox. I'm skeptical about Shenmue 3 and the new Paper Mario/Mario & Luigi games though. Very happy we finally have an Xenoblade X date too, 12/4/15. Not too far away.

Seriously bummed there at the lack of Persona 5 news. Hopefully the trailer that's getting pushed into P4:DAN makes up for that.

What about you guys?

(BTW; Hello o/)