Hello everyone today I want to introduce you to a game called puzzles and dragons. Puzzles and dragons essentially is a game where you collect monsters, level them and use them to fight through dungeons and get more exp and monsters. But there are many more mechanics than that like knowing correct places to grind, how to combo correctly and effectively, and knowing when to do certain things. Mostly to attack you match orbs and the more combos you hit the more damage you do.
Here are some screenshots:
Here are a few tips:
When you finish the tutorial and role if you don't get something that is an gold egg or 5 stars delete the app and restart because if you don't you'll be at a huge disadvantage.

Never roll the rare egg machine unless a godfest is going on (They announce it on their Facebook page)

Try to use you're leader skills as much as possible, for example if it is 1.5x RCU and HP for dark monsters use as many dark monsters as possible.

Try to skill up and power up fusion your monsters as much as possible and stay on the lookout in the special dungeons tab for MetalDragon, Gild Dragons, Ruby Dragoons etc. for they are amazing for power up fusions.

If anyone wants me to I will do a much more in-depth guide of PaD but until then cheers ^_^