A game made for hardcore gamers. It has a pemadeath system and many other unique features. When you start a character, you level up your self but aside from that level you have your soul level. Depending on your soul level you can equip different items, and you can level higher, each soul level has a cap. You get soul points from monsters and story quests, which I should also mention you DON'T have to do over when you start a new character which is cool cause it takes out a lot of the previous work you did in a dungeon and makes leveling faster. Cool thing about soul level that kinda makes up for the permadeath is even though your level 1 you can wear stronger items that you wouldn't usually have at that level because you'd be able to equip them due to your soul level. I started a thief and made a warrior and gave him an epic soul level 2 spear. I leveled like crazy :D. You also get an exp boost til 5 on other characters when you get to soul level 3. This game is hard as fuck but at the same time very reasonable, you don't die and lose your character easily at all, lemme post a video. I'd like it if some other people played with me because you pretty much NEEEDDDD a party in this game.

First heres the site, it's in open beta http://www.wizardrythegame.com/

k heres some random gameplay