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    Red face Angelic Buster funding, skills, and bossing questions

    Hi, sorry if this comes out as a big wall of text, but Angelic Buster is coming to GMS here in a month and I want to abuse the overpoweredness for mesos lol. I am just going to xfer over my Mechanic equips and scroll my Reverse Soul Shooter and buy any other %Dex I need for my mech that I come across since i need some good %Dex shoes and hat.

    But anyways! In total I should have around 100% Dex in tradable Pirate equips and accessories I can put on my Angelic Buster. I also have around 16% Boss from DS link and Deck effects and a hefty amount of passive ATT from armors, accessories(nothing duped, I don't buy those), and skills.I just need to scroll my Soul Shooter with the 20% +5 ATT/3 All Stat scrolls and that should be all the REAL funding I'll do for it. So what kind of range can I expect from that? Could I solo the Cygnus Job Instructors for their equips? What about Magnus by chance?
    My buddy has more funding than me. He should have around 130-150% Dex and much more ATT and %Boss than me. Could me and him duo the Instructors or Magnus?

    What skills are most important for bossing on monsters like Pink Bean, Empress (and summons), and Magnus? Like for Magnus, should I just spam Soul Seeker over and over and over again non-stop? Or should I use other skills more? And what about for training? I'm gonna head straight to LHC and Stronghold asap. What skills would be the best skills to use since I want to max my main mobbing skills first to train faster. Should I be able to solo an LHC/Stronghold map by myself with my funding? I know on my Mechanic I do alright soloing Stronghold. And in most situations, Trinity or Primal Roar?

    I'd be so grateful if you could answer all of that, I know its a lot of questions but I really wanna stay ahead of all the other bandwagoners haha!

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    This is going to be a very uneducated answer.

    The most important skill for bossing will be your 3rd job skill Soul Seeker, (until GMS gets the AB Nerf, then it becomes Trinity or so)
    Soul Seeker has UNBELIEVABLE amount of damage, so it's going to be given to use that same skill over and over.
    As for soloing SH, you should be doing quite the amount, so i'd give it the Green light.
    You should probably be fine soloing with Primal and SS spam.



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