Hello KMS!

I am new here (thank you!) and I hope its okay to inquire here for KMS opinion on the 250 level increase, specifically pertaining to your original top ranked 200's (Top 100 or so).

I understand KMS received the Level increase to 250 at the beginning of the year. How did your Top Ranked players feel about it? Are they back and playing to 250?

Since KMS has been around much longer than GMS (which just got the Level increase) I am curious if your first 200's are pleased or upset by the increase (if they still play) and whether or not they intend to go for 250.

Also, does your rank system still honor your legends (first to 200) or has that rank system been removed?

(In GMS, it seems many of the Top 20 are not happy about the Level Increase and will not be participating, or have already quit the game. )

Thank you!