Hey guys ~ !

^What the title says^

All right i'm gonna tell you guys how I(or maybe how other pro merchers in Leafre) merch with cash items in kms .

First off you will need to buy NX ! (Obviously)
-How much ? 10k(for the items ONLY) is enough to give you a head start amount of 630m
-If you need to sell the items faster then get at least 20k so that you can buy a shop or just sell them to the folks at Leafre :)

Second, buy Owls or Miracle Cubes
-I would recommend Miracle Cubes(M.Cubes) since it costs 95m/per cube(as stated in the 'Price Check' thread) and if you have 10k you'd be able to buy at least 8 M.Cubes(1 M.Cube = 1,200 Cash) which results in ; 8 M.Cubes x 95m = 760m.
-Owls sells for 30m each and buying with 10k can get you at least 21 Owls(460 each due to the sales event) which results in ; 21 Owls x 30m = 630m which is a lot lesser .

Third, get a shop and advertise
-It's preferred if you buy a 7 days shop since your items aren't gonna be sold for 1 day .
-Buy Megaphones ! Cheap ones will do but it's preferable if you buy the Item Megaphone so that you can input what items you're selling for buyers who are interested in that range of products(E.G Miracle Cubes buyers) to see .

Lastly, you wait :)
-You can advertise your shop at the 'Free Market' Section in Leafre if you don't want to buy those Megaphones .

If you are not sure about the price you can check out this link

This is the way I merch . You can try it for yourself :)

Credits to ImVN for the prices .