Hey guys, I'm making a striker and trying to build up some funds. I have a few questions concerning money making methods now that I have a character with a decent range to work with.

1. Are flying mounts available in KMS and if they are which ones are they and how do they work? i.e. do you need to obtain a skill to use them. Oh and how much do they cost?

2. Are nova equips worth scissoring to sell anymore? And what's the best way to farm nova/tyrant equips? I'm assuming tyrant only drop from hard magnus but do nova equips drop from other bosses?

3. What are currently the most worthwhile equips/items to farm?

4. What are the most worthwhile bosses to kill and the range required to kill?

Just for reference I have a lvl 201 phantom with a fully buffed range of just over 500k

Thanks in advance for any replies!