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    Red face Questions on the lie detector :D

    Hello I'm trying to get my account in KMS and I'm waiting to receive a reply, in that time I read some threads in the forum and and I got across the lie detector so i have few question(because that thread was closed to questions):
    1.does that lie detector in the game is like the one in the thread-in length, sometimes failure of vision and stickiness of the letters ?(
    2.i did alot (alot alot of alot)of the lie detector in this thread and i thought i succeed doing few times but it always said i didnt do it one of the times(in the link there is a picture)-
    like u can see what i wrote and what the real answer(what they wrote) is identical and even when I went to google translate the meaning was the same (mountain lion). so my question is the lie detector can be wrong/never say u succeed or maybe I just imagine things :D?

    hope to get some answers as quickly as possible
    ty and sorry for the scroll i wrote ^_^
    (hope i didnt ignored some rules)
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    That screenshot in the thread is essentially what you'll see in the game except floating Korean characters will move over the top of the actual LD. As for your problem, that's only an issue with our practice lie detector. The lie detector should always be right in the actual game.



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