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    BasilMarket Billionaire Balloon Code!

    Quote Originally Posted by mrbasil
    Hello imaginal,

    It appears you were one of the people who did not get a wonderful BasilMarket Billionaire Balloon Code. Thanks to Nexon we were able to get a whole new batch of codes, making it possible to satisfy those h Basilers left out of the Balloon club. Below is your code. Simply login to the game, goto the cash shop and click the 'code' button and paste this in.

    Code: -censored-

    Please be aware that this code will expire on September 12, 2012. The Balloon is permanent, the code is not. Enjoy!
    Anyone want this? I really have no use for it since I do not play GMS.

    First PM get's it "I'm pretty sure most of you guys got yours lol"

    faroos213 has claimed the code

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