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    can someone help me plz :p

    ok I use to play gms pretty regularly on my comp then i got hacked and stuff so i migrated to LoL for like a couple of months. So now since the Phantom came out i wanted to try it out. Anyways i redownloaded maple and trued to play but it gave me error 11004. Then i decided to use the game launcher to try starting it up and it just gave me the good old firewall/servercheck/ router is messed pop up. Anyways can anyone give me any advice on getting gms to work for me. And sorry if my english isnt good i havent slept in forever and trying to over jet lagg :p

    Ps. i m pretty sure i its not my firewall or server check. and also my bro used my comp to play a private server(arcane ms i think breifly) so i dont know if that has anything to do with it

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    I think your problem is that if you have missed and update by 2 versions of the game meaning you will have to remove Maplestory from your computer [Control Panel/Program and Features] and Uninstall it. Then go to the website and re install GMS and it should work from there

    Hope I helped. :D

    Problem: Error 11004
    Soulution: Uninstall all your maplestory. Redownload. Reinstall. You won't get that error anymore.



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