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    GMS - RED Downtime

    MapleStory - News - [Complete] Scheduled Game Update - December 3, 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Nexon

    [Complete 12:35 PM] The game update is complete, and Cash items in your inventories have been extended. Please see this post for patching and installation instructions, especially regarding how to fix a particular bug that occurs if you used a manual patcher that we released before 11 PM Pacific on 12/4.

    [Update 9:10 PM] Due to the patcher issues earlier, we're checking the patchers again to see if there are any compatibility issues with going through the minor patch afterward.

    [Update 7:10 PM] A minor patch will be included to fix the issues mentioned a few more urgent ones that were found.

    [Update 4:00 PM] We are working on the fixes for the previously mentioned bugs. We will also be blocking Root Abyss temporarily while we work on a fix for a bug with it that causes a channel crash.

    [Update 1:30 PM] We are also currently looking into a bug that caused some accounts to be tradeblocked during the update.

    [Update 12:25 PM] We are currently working to fix a login bug with the merged worlds.

    [Update 11:25 AM] The manual patcher is ready for players who already have v.142 installed. It can be downloaded here, where you can also find instructions on how to use it.

    [Update 10:16 AM] We've been experiencing errors while building the client patchers. Our engineers are working to fix these issues.

    [Update] The maintenance has been extended. Please check back for updates.

    We will be performing a scheduled game update beginning on December 3, 2013. It will last approximately 7 hours.

    Thanks for your patience!

    Pacific: 11 PM Tuesday, December 3 - 6 AM Wednesday, December 4, 2013
    Eastern: 2 AM - 9 AM Wednesday, December 4, 2013

    What will be unavailable:

    All MapleStory game servers.

    Changes and Updates:

    MapleStory will be updated to v143. Please check back later for the update notes!
    Comes to a total of 25 hours and 10 minutes of downtime.
    Those guys must be tired.

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    What are you talking about?
    They arent tired, they started working on it, got some dinner, went to bed, woke up and finished working on it
    They didnt work that hard for that long
    and i am not the slightest bit surprised that nexon failed this hard, so many bugs too :/
    like if you use a new cube on legendary equipment your client crashes, BUT OF COURSE nexon said they fixed that last night
    no they didnt -.-
    not instead of crashing, you DC and the stupid cube thing stays on your screen -.-



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