Golden Temple Open Entry

February 22 - March 13

The Golden Temple is back and you can enter as many times as you would like for free! Battle through the mini dungeons to obtain a a spectacular range of prizes, including enhanced EXP or a Ravana Helmet! The Golden Temple can be directly accessed through a Dimensional Mirror in most towns.

Don’t forget about these other features of the Golden Temple:
While in the Golden Temple, use the portals or talk to the NPC closest to a portal to select a mini dungeon.
The mini-dungeons have a thirty minute timer.
Characters level 70 and above can access the mirrored side of the temple, which has even more powerful monsters than the regular side! Use the yellow ring portal near Somchai to move between the regular and mirrored sides of the temple.
Looking for the ultimate Golden Temple treasure? You’re going to have to take on the boss monster himself – the feared Ravana!
To do so, you must collect five Sunbursts from the Goblins in the Golden Temple to enter the waiting room, and you must have a party of at least two other Maplers to start the fight. Each party member will need five Sunbursts to enter the waiting room, and a Sunburst can only be used once.
Be sure to use your Sunbursts quickly – they will expire after a limited amount of time.
You will have twenty minutes to beat Ravana after entering his chamber.
Ravana has a chance to drop the rare Ravana Helmet!