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    v.111 - Maple Class Reunion Update Notes

    New Content

    1. Back to the Old Maple // June 1 - June 26

    Talk to Cassandra about a crack in the Dimensional Mirror, then use the Dimensional Mirror (found in most towns) to travel back to a past version of Maple World from before Big Bang.
    You’ll be able to visit old versions of Maple Island, Lith Harbor, Henesys, Ellinia, Perion, Kerning City, and Sleepywood.
    Numerous old quests will be available.
    Completing each quest in the past areas will earn you one Old Maple Coin.
    Talk to NPC Inkwell in the Old Maple areas to trade in Old Maple Coins for a variety of old Maple items.
    Inkwell is in Henesys, Ellinia, Perion, Kerning City, and Sleepywood.
    Items you can purchase from Inkwell include:
    5th Anniversary Hat
    Maple 6th Anniversary Gloves
    Maple 3000-Day Cape
    Maple Leaf
    Maple Hat
    Blue Maple Bandana
    White Maple Bandana
    Maple Earring
    Maple Shield
    Maple Cape
    Maple Scarf
    Maple Pendant
    Maple 3000-Day Medal
    American Flag
    Maple Umbrella
    Underneath the Maple Tree...
    Maple Flag: 1000 Days
    1500 Anniv. Flag
    Frozen Tuna
    Frying Pan
    Pan Lid
    Fishing Pole
    Red Whip
    Heart Wand
    Maple Sword
    Maple Katara
    Maple Crow
    Maple Staff
    Maple Claw
    Maple Bow
    Maple Knuckle
    Maple Gun
    Maple Soul Singer
    Maple Duke Katara
    Maple Soul Searcher
    Maple Scorpio
    Maple Dragon Axe
    Maple Crossbow
    Maple Kandayo
    Maple Impaler
    Maple Storm Finger
    Maple Storm Pistol
    Maple Doom Singer
    Maple Wagner
    Maple Lama Staff
    Maple Cleat Katara
    Maple Steel Axe
    Maple Havoc Hammer
    Maple Cannon Shooter
    Maple Karstan
    Maple Wisdom Staff
    Maple Asura Dagger
    Maple Skanda
    Maple Soul Rohen
    Maple Shine Wand
    Maple Belzet
    Maple Soul Spear
    Maple Demon Axe
    Maple Dark Mate
    Maple Nishada
    Maple Glory Sword
    Maple Golden Claw
    Maple Kandiva Bow
    Maple Throwing-Stars
    2. Legends Character Creation // June 1 - June 14

    For a limited time, you can make as many Legends characters (Cannoneer, Mercedes, Demon Slayer) as you want, as long as you have open character slots.
    3. Bounty Hunter Event // June 6 - June 26

    Wanted Posters will be added to most towns.
    Accept the Bounty Hunter quests from a Wanted Poster.
    Depending on the week, you will be required to hunt a Red Mask, a Zombuddy, or a Bully.
    Round 1: Red Mask, June 6 - June 12
    Round 2: Zombuddy, June 13 - June 19
    Round 3: Bully, June 20 - June 26
    Collect a Bounty Mark from the drops of the appropriate target and bring it back to Cassandra.
    These quests are repeatable.
    Quest rewards include experience, mesos, and one of the following five items:
    Scroll for Gloves for Magic Attack 60%: Magic ATT +1, INT +1, Success Rate: 60%.
    Clean Slate Scroll 10%: Restore 1 available upgrade lost to failed scrolls. Untradeable. Cannot be used on Cash items. Success Rate: 10%.
    Swiss Cheese: +220 Magic ATT for 2 minutes.
    Chocolate Cream Cupcake: Restores 300 HP/MP, +30 ACC/Speed/Jump for 3 minutes. Untradeable.
    Melting Cheese: Restores 4000 HP.
    At the end of the each week, the top 20 players who have slain the most wanted criminals out of all the worlds will receive the exclusive Maple Bounty Hunter medal and Maple Point prizes.
    Maple Bounty Hunter: Req Lv: 13, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +7, Max HP/MP +100, Weapon/Magic ATT +7, Weapon/Magic DEF +100, ACC/AVOID +100, Speed/Jump +7. One-of-a-kind item, untradeable.
    4. Tracking the Outlaw // June 1 - June 26

    Accept this quest from the Wanted Poster located in most towns.
    Collect 50 Wanted Criminal Clues from monster drops and turn them in to Cassandra to receive experience, mesos and special equipment:
    Bounty Hunter Belt: Req Lv: 30, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +3, Weapon/Magic DEF +20, grants additional +2 to STR/DEX/INT/LUK and +5 to Jump to the upcoming GMS exclusive character. A Sharing Tag is required to move it within the account.
    Bounty Hunter Badge: Req Lv: 50, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +5, Max HP/MP +200, ACC/AVOID +10, Speed +5, grants additional +5 to STR/DEX/INT/LUK and +3 to Weapon/Magic ATT to the upcoming GMS exclusive character. A Sharing Tag is required to move it within the account.
    Revised Content

    5. Maple Trading System Shutdown

    The MTS will be shutting down for the foreseeable future.
    You will be unable to post on the MTS following the update, and all items you have posted will be returned to you.
    Please retrieve the items in your Transfer Inventory before the MTS is completely closed.
    Resolved and Known Issues

    6. Fixes

    Please see this post for a list of fixes for this update.
    7. Known Issues

    Please see this post for a list of known issues for this update.

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