Hello my Dearies! I'll be showing you how to Charge Won to Korean GrandChase

*Won is basically the thing you use to buy Cash-Shop Items.

Step 1.
Visithttp://www.cn-usa.com/?cmd=buy&loc=196656to buy your Culture Land Card(s).

Step 2.
After you have bought your Card(s) and have gotten your redemption codes, go to this URL and log-in. http://nbill.netmarble.net/Cash/MyCash/CashInfoTotalLog.aspx

Step 3.
Push the Button That I boxed in Pink. It will then bring you to a new Pop-Up, which will bring you to Step 4.

Step 4.
Click the Drop-Down Box (Boxed in Green) Then click the 4th Option on the Drop-Down Box. (Boxed in Purple)

Step 5.
Select your Charge Amount (Boxed in Red) Then enter your Card's Number in the Eight Small Boxes. (Boxed in Pink) Then, press the Blue Button. (Boxed in Green) After that, press the White Button. (Boxed in Yellow) Afterwards, check both boxes (Just exit out of the small pop-ups that occur in the window.) Then press the Blue Button on the bottom. (Boxed in Black)

Step 6.
YOU'RE DONE! Congratulations, you've just charged NetMarble Won! Have a wonderful time in-game, and I hope you have fun with your newly charged Won~

*NOTE: In-case you haven't figured it out yet, you may exit out of the pop-up after Step 6 now.