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    *OUTDATED* Korean GrandChase Registration Guide (Pre-Phone Number Requirement)

    Hello my darlings! I'm making this guide to show you all how to make your own Korean GrandChase Account!

    With this being said, you will need to find your own Korean Social Security Number, and getting one in anyway that's illegal is frowned upon<3

    To start the processes, go here.

    Step 1.
    Check all of the boxes/circles, then press the blue button.

    Step 2.
    Press the middle button. It's the one boxed in Green.

    Step 3.
    Enter the name of the Korean Social Security Number (KSSN for short) in the Pink Box. Then afterwards, enter your KSSN in the Red and Purple boxes. (Basically the first 6 numbers in the first box, then the last 7 in the next box.) Please make sure the box is checked. Then press the blue button when done.

    Step 4.
    On this page, it's showing you have many accounts are already on the KSSN. If the KSSN is below the age of 20, only 1 Account is allowed to be on the KSSN. However, if the KSSN is above the age of 20, then 3 accounts are allowed to the one KSSN. If you press the Blue button and it redirects you to log-in, then the account's full. However, if it instead directs you to Step 6, then you're on your way to getting your Korean Grand-Chase Account my Sweety!

    Step 5.

    For your phone number, you can enter randomized numbers. You can also select a random number on the drop-down menu.

    Make-sure that your email is valid, and has not yet been used to make an account. After you enter your email, press the Blue Button boxed in Pink.

    After you're done with the captcha, press the Blue Button boxed in Green.

    Step 6.
    Now you press the right button, and you're good to go! There was a step earlier that you could have done to get an email verification that allows you to get the Korean Newsletter, however since it's not required I did not mention in my guide. With that being said, there is no verification required since you didn't do that step. All you do is log in~

    Note: The email could take 10 Minutes to an Hour to arrive. Please give it time. Thank you!
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