Hello my dearies!
There's now a Leafre Guild on Korean GrandChase!

Anyone is accepted to the guild, so all you have to do is apply! There's currently two people on applications, so we'll try to accept your application A.S.A.P.!

While the Guild's extremely new, we're still growing and trying to LeveL the Guild as quickly as possible.

As many of you know, the Guild's name is called, " Leafre ". All I ask is that you state your Leafre Name on the Guild Application. ( There's a space to write something, just state your name there so I know who I'm adding. ) However I'm in no-way requiring this.

Any of your friends can join Leafre, even if they're not on the Forums. I just ask that you be nice to Koreans, as it is their game, not ours.

Thank you for being interesting Leafre my dearies!
Good Bye!