This quest is only available when you are level 120, and if you are a KOC.

1. You receive a notification from Nienheart, asking you to meet them at the Erev ship platform of Victoria Island.

2. When you reached there, just breeze through the conversation.

3. After everything, you will be automatically transfered to Ereve, where Shinsoo is severely injured by Damien.

4. Watch the small clip of the awakening of Cygnus ( you cant close the video)

5. You will appear in the town of Erev. Go pass 2 portals on the right, talk to Neinheart, then Cygnus, then Shinsoo.

6. You will reappear in Leafre. A quest bubble will appear on top of your character's head. Click through it, and ta-da! you got your Cygnus Blessing!