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    Nar's Modest Guide to Revamped Strikers

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    I. Intro
    II. Pros and Cons
    III. Skill Chaining Mechanism
    IV. Job Guide
    IVa. Beginner Skills
    IVb. First Job
    IVc. Second Job
    IVd. Third Job
    IVe. Fourth Job


    As of Kms Ver. 1.2.187, Cygnus Knights have had their story changed!

    The Breakdown: Shinsoo has been fatally injured by... um... evil forces. Probably. Empress Cygnus is so traumatized the Goddess inside of her is unlocked, and she becomes the 4th god. The Cygnus Knights are forced to undergo a change to their skills to better protect their new Empress.

    Cygnus Awakens

    New selection Screen

    New Look

    Pros and Cons

    • Lots of Mobility
    • Decent Hp pool
    • Decent damage
    • Fun combo system
    • Retains the old cygnus passive -- 2+ watk/matk for every 5 levels

    • Too much mobility at one point... explained in Third Job
    • Electric charge has a cooldown of 180 seconds
    • Your fingers can get tired from combo button mashing

    Skill Chaining

    The Breakdown: Every attack skill is interchangeable with each other, with the exception of Thunder. Chaining skills greatly reduces the delay one of experience without combining, greatly increasing your overall DPS. For more information, refer to JoeTang's thread

    Note: Please please please, ALWAYS chain your skills. If you don't you will look bad, do bad damage, and feel bad.


    Elemental Slash Elemental Slash
    Journey Home Journey Home
    Elemental Harmony Elemental Harmony
    Elemental Expert Elemental Expert
    Cygnus Shift Cygnus Shift
    Cygnus Blessing Cygnus Blessing

    1st job

    Element: Lightning
    Thunder God

    2nd Job

    Shark Flip
    Knuckle Booster
    Knuckle Mastery
    Thunder God II

    3rd Job

    Ascension Ascension
    Cerebral Cerebral
    Gale Gale
    Vortex Vortex
    Needle Carapace
    Chain Chain
    Thundergod III

    4th Job

    Cygnus Knights Cygnus Knights
    Annihilate Annihilate
    Thunder Thunder
    Typhoon Typhoon
    Electric Charge
    Wind Booster Wind Booster
    Knuckle Expert Knuckle Expert
    Stimulation Stimulation
    Thunder God IV

    Hyper Skills

    God of the Sea
    Glory of the Guardians Glory of the Guardians
    Heaven and Earth

    More later.
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