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    questions about wind archers

    1. do they still use arrows? i don't think I see any soul arrow skill in the new revamp
    2. i know they're squishy but are they really pot consuming or do they have skills to reduce pot consumption?
    3. how many times can you "fly" across the screen? is it like a triple flash jump like in the gif? or as much as you want?

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    Hi, @TamagoPanda. I'm Erious.
    I'll be answering your question.

    Number 1,
    They do use arrow. But there's a skill in 2nd Job, which is "Sylph's Aid"
    Description : Sylph’s Aid: With the help of the spirit of wind, gain knowledge in battle, giving you 20 attack, 10% critical rate, and causing your attacks to use up no arrows for 200 seconds. (max level: 10)
    For precautionary, keep just 1 stack of arrows in the USE slot Inventory to save up space.

    Number 2,
    I don't understand the meaning of "squishy" in this case of yours but to say if they're pot consuming, they are just average.
    For example, in the Evolving World, My 120 Wind Archer have to use about 30-50 max of HP pots (Reindeer Milk/Ice Pop) in the duration of 20 minutes.
    Due to their "quite high" of Evasion rate which is 60%(Ithink?) once you've maxed some certain skill, you probably evade certain attacks by the monsters.

    Number 3,
    I dont understand your question.
    Are you talking about the wind walk? If you are,
    You just have to press that skill icon (you can press it continuously without letting it go and you can also change direction) and yes, as much as you want unless your MP is 0.

    If you are asking about the Elemental Shift (Cygnus' flash jump),
    it's just like an ordinary flash jump.

    I hope I've answered your questions about Wind Archer and satisfied you.
    Thank You.



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