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    1.2.211 - Mystic Gates Patch Summary

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    ver. 1.2.211

    • Mystic Gates Return
      The Seed improvements
      World & Channel Selection Screen update

    Mystic Gates Return

    01 :: Joining Mystic Gates

    Requirement : Lv. 75+
    Boss Summon Times : Every weekend in March. Saturday & Sunday
    How to Enter :
    ① There is a portal located in Henesys, Pantheon, and Leafre

    ② You can also select the icon on the left side of your screen.

    Teleporting to Mystic Field via the icon on the left of your screen can only be used once every 20 minutes
    Before the boss is summoned, there will be a chat message notice
    You can enter Mystic Field unlimited times a day.

    02 :: Using Mystic Gates

    Mystic Gate Configuration
    : The enter/exit portal is located at the bottom left. The professor NPC is located at the top left
    There will be a Attack Ranking UI window showing the top damage do-ers.

    Mystic Gate Quests
    The researcher NPC located in mystic fields will give you a few quests for you to do

    [5 Kinds of Boss Quest]
    Defeat a mystic boss to complete this. You can only do this 5 times a day. You will get according to your level.
    [Mystic Field Diffusion]
    Can be done once a day. Completing it gives you 20 Cross Hunter Coins

    [2 Medal Quests]

    [Mystic Field Researcher]
    Required for you to use 100 Mystic boss items
    [Mystic Field Master]
    Requires for you to use 200 Mystic boss items

    The mystic bosses that appear is random. It can be either Zakum, Hilla, Horn Tail, Von Leon, or Arkarium
    The Mystic Boss will appear for only 15 minutes
    Dieing inside Mystic Fields will not decrease your EXP. You also can re-enter unlimited amount of times

    03 :: Mystic Gate Rewards

    Random Box Items

    If you inflict damage on the mystic boss, you are eligible to obtain at least one boss item.
    You can earn more depending if you're one of the top 5 attackers.

    Here is a list of items you can receive from using boss items.

    The Seed Improvements

    Difficulty Improvement
    : The floors 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 has been adjusted to make it easier

    Enhanced Rewards
    : The box from Alicia has been upgraded. You now have a better chance of getting better rewards! Additionally, the active rings from seed have had their cooldown duration decreased.

    Practice Tickets
    : You now have the ability to buy practice tickets from Glinda with Seed Points. You can choose any floor below 40 to practice on. Keep in mind that you will not be able to proceed to the next floor in practice. You also do not get any rewards for completing it.

    [Seed Practice Ticket]

    Your hazystones will still be consumed upon entering practice.
    There is no limit on how many practice uses you want to do.
    Fenley will not spawn in a practice room.

    World & Channel Selection Screen Updated

    After years and years of having the same world/channel selection screen, it has finally been updated into a whole new look!
    Check it out!

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    Liking the new brown theme for Maplestory very much. Fits better than the glossy black look. Hopefully they can redo most of the UI in the game to reflect that new design.

    Also, I really want them to change the login screen back to the original one with the tree in ellinia (iirc) and change the main theme to slime tree. NOSTALGIA OVERLOAAAADDDDDDD!

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    Love the new look of the Channel screen, much more clean then the old one :) And the new Medals look amazing, Horntail One to be exact! Can't wait to get in and play.



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