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Season 4 is here. Time for some new challenges!

Participate in the Dual Blade & Cannon Shooter events: 'Owl & Monkey Times' title (+1 ALL STAT)
Participate in Boss Arena: 'Boss Arena's Brave' title (+1 ATK/M.ATK)
Participate in a RED Hot Time: 'Hot Summer's Gift' title (+50 DEF) + 2 RED Coins
Open 20 RED Ice Boxes: 'Ice' title (+10 Accuracy) + 5 RED Coins
Have 5 days of the Attendance Event checked: 'RED Attendance King' title (+2 ALL STAT)
Finish all other challenges above: 'Red Summer to Remember' medal (+7 ALL STAT, +175 HP/MP, +7 ATK/M.ATK)