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    Blockbuster Black Heaven

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    Hello Maplers.

    We have recently released the content "Black Heaven", which was introduced a while back during the Coordinator's Invitation under the name of "Orca & Suu."
    Many users were disappointed to hear the delay of the patch. However, we believe to achieve the satisfaction, fun, and quality, it was important for the delay. It seems like a lot users are currently enjoying Black Heaven.

    With the release of Dimensional Library, God's Child, Violetta, and Friends Story, we were able to see what users would enjoy in MapleStory's "story."

    We discussed a lot on how we could possibly make a 2D Pixel game more immersed and lively and little by little, we used new features as well as old features from previous content.

    Currently Act 1 and 2 are available but we will continue to release more soon.

    Many people are wondering when the next Acts are scheduled.
    As of right now, our rough schedule is that we will have the final chapter available before the end of December. In October, we will have the renewed Resistance available in the test server.

    Thank you for showing your interests.
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