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Event Image

Star Planet has changed to fit the theme of Halloween.

If you get 10 Star Points in one day, you can receive an Old Halloween Costume Box, which will contain one Old Costume Set. This set expires in a day.
If you do this 5 times (5 days), you will receive a New Costume Set. This set is permanent.

Additionally, as long as this Halloween event is running, you can obtain two Halloween event star custom items.
If you play Star One Card 20 times, you'll receive a Petitie Halloween Pumpkin themed cards
If you win in Star Yut 10 times, you'll receive a Halloween Pumpkin icon for Yut.

Every :40 of the hour, the Let's Dance, Halloween Party will begin. The goal here is to follow the NPC's dance moves. The better you do, the more Star Points.
Additionally, you can get bonus rewards!
If you successfully follow along 18 times, you'll receive the Halloween Star Planet Event Action Skill set.
If you join 10 times, you'll get the 2014 Halloween Damage Skin