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Hello Maplers.

Many users have pointed out that the server has been lacking.
Infact, even the development team feels that the test server is lacking some management. We feel that in order to manage this more efficiently, it would require some time for restructuring.

Since August, we have been discussing this issue. With much internal discussion done, we feel that a new policy on the test server could solve the issues of the test server.

This new plan will take up to one month or more. Once we have it all sorted out, we will re-open the test server.

The exact dates will be posted at a later time, but right now I would like to talk about some details about re-opening the server.

The following thoughts regarding the test server are from the development team.
In the test server, the first step is to have new content with the goal for a stable release. Only specific users are be able to participate in this development stage.

The important change of the reform of the test server is that more and more people will be able to participate. These users will be able to play on the test server as well as the live server. They will be able to experience new content being tested.

In addition to the reform, users who test and report will be rewarded for the efforts.

We are almost finished with the discussion of the reform.
You will soon see the test server re-opened to be more meaningful.
(In the meantime, we will still maintain the current test server.)

Thank you.