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    Ver. 1.2.182 Patch Summary

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    Most credits go to @KremeChoco .

    01 New Demon Job, "Demon Avenger" added

    An ex-commander of Black Mage's force, Demon, is coming back to you, the Maple Heroes, looking more powerful through his new job.

    Let's start our Winter Break with the newly arrived Demon Avenger, shall we?

    01 Job Advancing to Demon Avenger

    When you create a Demon character and finish the tutorial full of the Black Mage's schemes and betrayals,
    you can choose between the original job Demon Slayer and the new job Demon Avenger.

    [Tutorial Scene]
    Demon, who was the commander of the Black Mage's force, was shocked by the death of Demian and Mother...
    and vows to himself to avenge their deaths afterwards.
    Give strength to the newly-born Demon with his new job!

    [Job Select Scene]
    When you complete the tutorial, you will be given the option to choose between Demon Avenger and Demon Slayer. You'll be 1st Job, at level 10 when selected.

    Second Job Advancement quest can be started through "Ilex" NPC in the Resistance Headquarters.
    After third job advancement, you can job advance through "Mastema" NPC in the Resistance Headquarters.

    02 Demon Avenger's Items

    Demon Avenger's main weapon is the Desperado. He also uses a Force Shield.

    Default Weapon : Blue Revenger

    Default Secondary Weapon : Force Shield of Patience

    Default Given Medal : Anger's First Step

    To get these items, simply do the tutorial

    03 Demon Avenger's New Skill Features : Exceed System & HP Dependent System

    Demon Avenger throws away force, power which he used in the past, and reappears in a new form!!
    What kind of new features would Demon Avenger, strengthened by new skills, have?

    Skill Characteristics 1. [Exceed Skill System]

    Demon Avenger's unique attack skill Exceed Skill lets you attack faster and more powerful as you use the skill,
    but as you keep using it debuff will stack and the amount of HP absorbed through the skill will be reduced
    and the amount of HP used for skills will increase so you have to be careful.

    When debuff gets full from continuously using Exceed skill there will be an alarm effect in the top right,
    and through "Release Overload" skill you can release the debuff and get various beneficial buffs.

    [Alarm Effect]

    Skill Characteristics 2. [HP Dependent Skill System]

    Demon Avenger who threw away his force gets his attack determined from the amount of AP put into HP,
    and the more HP you have left, stronger you are.

    However, once HP falls below 70% attack will not decrease so be aware of that~

    Demon Avenger's main stat is HP, and its secondary stat is STR.
    Demon Avenger can get back the AP put into HP through AP Reset Scrolls.

    04 Demon Avenger's variety of skills

    Demon Avenger's Beginner Skills

    [Demon Jump]
    With the use of his wings, you can do various jumping skills

    [Demonic Blood]
    Demons are born with strong will and overwhelming charisma

    Exceed attack skills will increase your attack speed / make your attacks stronger the more you use it, but it will tire your body and the HP you can absorb from Absorb Life will decrease. The skill's characteristic will change once Exceed skill enters the final enhanced state, and if you use skills other than mobility skills, enhanced state will reset.

    [High Efficiency]
    Increases efficiency on potions.

    [Wild Rage]
    Damage is increased due to anger..
    This is a link skill - can be linked with another character in the same world

    [Blood Contract]
    Allows you to ignore the stat requirements for equipment

    Demon Avenger's 1st Job Skills

    Attack Skills

    [Exceed: Double Cross]
    lashes enemies two times. Exceed: The attack speed gets faster and once in final enhanced state, attack range will increase.

    Buff & Secondary Skills

    [Release Overload]
    Using exceed, your max HP increases, at the same time healing upon debuffing Overload. Can only be used in maximum Overload.

    Passive Skills

    [Absorb Life]
    Part of HP is healed upon attacking.

    [Demonic Sharpness]
    Permanantly increases your jump, speed, and critical rate

    Demon Avenger's 2nd Job Skills

    Attack Skills

    [Exceed: Demon Strike]
    Slashes enemies with force, while rushing ahead. Exceed: The skill grows stronger and upon entering the final enhanced state rushing range is increased

    [Bats Swarm]
    Summons your follower bats.
    Bats' charging direction depends upon pressing directional arrow keys

    Buff and Secondary Skills

    [Demon Booster]
    Increases your attack speed for a certain period of time.

    [Abyssal Rage]
    Increases your attack power for a certain period of time.

    Passive Skills

    [Solid Wall]
    Physical and Magic Defense is increased sharply with the stern wall.

    [Desperado Mastery]
    Desperado's mastery and accuracy increases permanently.

    [Inner Strength]
    STR and HP increases permanently.

    Demon Avenger's 3rd Job Skills

    Attacking Skills

    [Exceed: Moonlight Slash]
    Slashes enemies, front and back, with a shape of circle. Exceed: Attack speed increases, attack range increases on final enhanced state.

    [Inhale Vitality]
    While the key is pressed[key down], HP is gained through Desperado as you attack. (number of monsters do not affect) Once the key down is done, the skill does final attack with explosion.

    [Shield Charge]
    Rushes ahead using the shield. After rushing, the sheild extracts its energy out and pulls back the enemies.

    Buff and Secondary Skills

    [Reflect Evil]
    For a period of time, evil force is reflected off the character. All status resistance/element resistance is increased, and the damage taken is decreased.

    [Diabolic Recovery]
    For a period of time, HP is increased sharply and permanently increases the self-recovery rate.

    Passive Skills

    [Ease Exceed Pain]
    Permanently reduces the amount of HP lost by Exceed Overload of the skill Absorb Life. Strengthens Exceed skills' attack.

    [Advanced Absorb Life]
    Permanently increases the rate of HP absorption by Absorb Life

    Demon Avenger's 4th Job Skills

    Attack Skills

    [Exceed: Execution]
    Slashes at the enemies powerfully by using the true power of a Demon and ignores enemy's defense by a certain proportion. Exceed: Attack speed increases, and slashes one more time when in final enhanced state.

    [Shield Chasing]
    Throws a shield that chases enemies. Thrown shield will target on an enemy and chase around the enemies. If there are no enemies, then the shield will chase the original target.

    [Armor Break]
    Torns apart the enemies' armor by attacking. Attacked enemiese are debuffed with less defense for a period of time.

    [Bloody Imprison]
    Attacks enemies front and back that binds them. Attacked enemies are fallen into an inactive state for a period of time.

    Buff & Secondary Skills

    [Overwhelming Power]
    Increases attack sharply for a period of time and increases the attack speed.

    [Maple Warrior]
    Increases party members' stats by a certain percent.

    Passive Skills

    [Defense Expertise]
    Permanently increases the mastery of defense, allowing the user to ignore defense by a certain proportion. Shield skills like Shield Charge and Shield Chasing's attacks are increased.

    [Advanced Desperado Mastery]
    Permanently increasese Deparado's mastery and attack, and critical damage. Required skill: Desperado Mastery 10+

    [Enhanced Exceed]
    Permanently increases the chance to attack extra after the exceed skill attack.

    Character card upgrades at levels Lv. 30, 60, 100, 200

    05 Demon Avenger's Hyper Skills

    Stat Strengthening Passive Skills (S)

    - The common skills every job gets

    [Character Guide Link]

    Demon Avenger's Major Hyper Skill

    Thousand Swords

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