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    Ver. 1.2.197 Zero Patch Summary

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    The Birth of the Child of God Zero!

    The Goddess Rhinne's child, the Transcendent of Time, Zero!
    Zero is now up for Creation!

    Zero Creation

    Play as two characters at the same time, and get the look of a Zero!

    Tip: You cannot choose the gender of Zero, and the appearances will be fixed.

    Starting Zero

    Zero is the youngest knight of the Templars.
    Until now, the shadow monsters inside the temple was kept asleep.
    So the knights have learned to fight the monster called Fate.
    But then enters Zero, with a face not of a monster, but a girl.
    The girl and boy then resonance with each other, and realize the power they will soon have...

    Hint: After tutorial, Zero will start at Level 100

    Zero's New Items

    The weapsons Zero uses are Tachi and Greatsword, and the spirits are Lapis and Lazuli.
    You can gain WP (Weapon Points) by killing monsters and use WP to change your weapons potential and random option!
    Here is Lapis and Lazuli!



    >>More Info!<<
    You can change the roles of the main weapon, and even choose to disable the secondary weapon if you like!

    WP Charging

    You can charge WP by killing monsters.
    Lapis and Lazuli will be strengthened the more WP it has.

    How to Strengthen Lapis and Lazuli

    After completing the first chapter of the storyline, you can open up the option by pressing the button on the BOTTOM LEFT.
    It is here the spirits Lapis and Lazuli can meet.

    Please remember that Lapis and Lazuli will both undergo the same change if you decide to change the potential and/or Random Option.

    Hint: After completing the tutorial, Zero will be given basic equipment, two kinds of weapons, and four rings.
    • Souls can be mounted onto Zero's weapons.
    • Wearing Zero specific armor and/or Common armor will be shown in separate Equipment UIs for Zero.

    Zero's Skills

    Play as one character, or both!
    Using the special features of Zero Alpha and Beta, you can choose to play as either one!
    You can fight in accordance to your personality.


    Zero can fight as two people at once by use of the "Tag" System.
    Once the Tag System is used, Zero Alpha and Beta will switch roles.
    The Tag System can be disabled depending on the HP of Zero, and the TF Gauge can be seen regardless.
    In addition, since the Zero not attacking is awaiting to be tagged, his TF and HP Recovery will be faster than normal!


    You don't have to Tag out, you can choose to "Assist" the other with Assist Skills!
    Zero can be played as 2 Characters, so assist each other!


    You can use skills from the other Zero if you can successfully pull of a Combination.
    Skills marked with a green ribbon are Combination skills.

    Learning Zero's Skills

    • Retrace Temple Retrace Temple: Return to the Temple of Zero
    • Dual Combat Dual Combat: Allows Zero to consist of Alpha and Beta.
    • Divine Force Divine Force: Improve the attack, defense, and resistance of you and your party
    • Divine Shift Divine Shift: Improve attack speed, speed, and jump of you and your party
    • Burst Jump Burst Jump: 'Flash Jump'
    • Burst Step Burst Step: Double tap a direction key to teleport
    • Rhinnes Protection Rhinne's Protection: Improve your party's stats with the protection of Rhinne
    • Resolve Time Resolve Time: Learn the power of Rhinne, creating your own strength. Skill gets stronger for each tear of Goddess obtained.

    • Moon Strike Moon Strike (10): Attack enemies in front of you, dragging them towards you
    • Pierce Thrust Pierce Thrust (10): Pierce thrust enemies in front of you
    • Shadow Strike Shadow Strike (10): Quickly move to the nearest enemy, attacking them

    • Tachi Mastery Tachi Mastery (10): Automatically Lv. 8 upon creating, Increase the weapon mastery of the Tachi.
    • Flash Assaulter Flash Assaulter (10): Flash through enemies, cutting them if they're passed by.
    • Spin Cutter Spin Cutter (10): Spin at a great force, cutting enemies around you
    • Advanced Spin Cutter Advanced Spin Cutter (20): Upgrade of Spin Cutter. Enables you to cut through both sides of you.

    • Combat Recovery Combat Recovery (20): Improved Time Force regen and ability to gain Time Force when attacking
    • Rolling Curve Rolling Curve (20): Spin yourself, allowing you to leap forward cutting any enemies in your way
    • Advanced Rolling Curve Advanced Rolling Curve (30): Upgrade of Rolling Curve. Enables the ability to hit in every direction
    • Rolling Assaulter Rolling Assaulter (20): Push enemies as you are moving towards them, spinning.
    • Advanced Rolling Assaulter Advanced Rolling Assaulter (20): Upgrade of Rolling Assaulter. Enables the useage of direction arrow keys to release blades.

    • Reinforce Body Reinforce Body (20): Strengthen Alpha in the aspects of HP, Time Force, and Critical Rate.
    • Wind Cutter Wind Cutter (10): Generate a vortex of their location when attacking them
    • Wind Strike Wind Strike (10): Attack enemies with a vortex.
    • Storm Break Storm Break (20): Cast a vortex, moving towards your enemies and damaging them.
    • Advanced Storm Break Advanced Storm Break (30): Upgrade of Storm Break. Enables the ability to 1 hit kill your enemies and creates an electric field, constantly attacking.

    • Divine Leer Divine Leer (20): Improves Alpha's Critical Damage and enabling a proximity of bleeding to enemies.

    • Upper Slash Upper Slash (10): Enemies in front of you are thrown up into the air while you are attacking.
    • Power Stomp Power Stomp (10): Enemies in front of you are brought back into the ground while you are attacking.
    • Advanced Power Stomp Advanced Power Stomp (20): Upgrade of Power Stomp. Enables a shockwave in a wide area

    • Great Sword Mastery Great Sword Mastery (10): Automatically Lv. 8 upon creating, Increase the weapon mastery of the Great Sword.
    • Front Slash Front Slash (10): With the Great Sword, cut enemies in front of you
    • Throwing Weapon Throwing Weapon (10): Beta throws the Great Sword, striking enemies in the path of it
    • Advanced Throwing Weapon Advanced Throwing Weapon (20): Upgrade of Throwing Weapon. Enables pushing of enemies when attacking

    • Solid Body Solid Body (20): Strengthen Beta in the aspects of resistance, defense, and stance.
    • Turning Drive Turning Drive (20): Use the weight of the Great Sword to spin around it, creating a whirlwind to pull enemies in
    • Whirlwind Whirlwind (20): Spin around like a tornado. You are able to move with the direction keys.
    • Advanced Whirlwind Advanced Whirlwind (30): Upgrade of Whirlwind. Enables a wider area, pulling enemies in

    • Armor Split Armor Split (20): Improve the strength of the Great Sword, leaving it so you can break through an enemy's defense
    • Giga Crash Giga Crash (10): Bring your sword to the ground with great force.
    • Jumping Crash Jumping Crash (10): Jump into the air and crash your sword to the ground, dealing a great amount of damage
    • Earth Break Earth Break (20): Jump into the air and break the earth below you, attacking your enemies.
    • Advanced Earth Break Advanced Earth Break (30): Upgrade of Earth Break. Enables the ability to 1 hit kill your enemies and creates an electric field, constantly attacking.

    • Immune Barrier Immune Barrier (20): Chance for damage absorption, enabling a shield that inside it, will not deal damage to you
    • Critical Bound Critical Bound (20): When attacking, there is a chance it will paralyze your enemies, giving them a bleeding factor and weak against Alpha.

    • Rapid Time Rapid Time: Lv. 100, When attacking enemies, reduce the cooldown on your skills and buff you.
    • Time Distortion Time Distortion: Lv. 110, Distort time around you, making it so monsters get debuffed and your damage increased for a short amount of time
    • Time Holding Time Holding: Lv. 120, You are the controller of time, allowing you to reset cooldowns and making you invincible for a short amount of time
    • Time Rewind Time Rewind: Lv. 140, Upon death, the skill is used, reviving you.
    • Shadow Lane Shadow Lane: Lv. 170, Beta strikes enemies with her Great Sword, while Alpha deals critical attacks on targets
    • Intensive Time Intensive Time: Lv. 200, Increase players all around the Transcendentalers' ATK & M.ATK. by 4% for 40 minutes. Cooldown: 2 hours

    Character Card: Increase % EXP by 4/6/8/10%.
    Hint: The Character Card will change at Level 110, 130, 160, and 200.
    • Zero Skills use TF, instead of MP.
    • No Hyper Skills, instead, skills have a level restraint in order to be used.
    • You need to be a certain level to use some skills in other words.

    Another Maple World! Mirror World!

    The Black Mage once created this world to mirror the Maple World!
    Only Zero, the Child of God, can enter this space.

    Starting at Level 100, Zero is ready to enter Mirror Dungeons in each town and prove his worth.
    Experience and Rewards will vary based on difficulty, and is easy to move to each.
    Welcome to the world of Premium Hunting in the Mirror World!

    Mirror World's Position

    The Main Town in the Mirror World is reflected in a small mirror as a symbol of it's unstable state.
    The Mirror World is also a place where the Goddess Rhinne can collect power in order to come back to the Maple World and help.

    Hint: Zero's skill Retrace Temple can take him back to the Temple of Zero.

    Mirror World Preview

    The Mirror World has a variety of people at the Temple!
    Storage, Weapons and Armor store, and even a beauty salon!
    Zero cannot live any better than they can now!

    The Dungeon System

    Starting from level 100, Zero can enter with other Zeros into Dungeons from each towns.
    Dungeons will get stronger in accordance to Zero for more Experience!

    The Mirror World is a place where Zero Alpha and Beta helps restore power to the Goddess Rhinne!
    Enjoy the storyline as you continue playing!

    Hint: If you do not finish the quests from Level 100-180, You will not be able to gain EXPERIENCE IN THE MAPLE WORLD.

    The Other Side of Mirror World

    Will Zero be able to come to the Maple World and co exist with the other Maplers?

    The Auction House!

    Trading in the Maple World has never been easier!
    No longer do you need a Hired Store!
    Trading items has become more interactive!

    Maple Auction Place

    You can access Maple Auction through the NPC Richie.

    Hint: Maple Auction can only be accessed from Channels 1-19. Channel 20 is not allowed in.

    Maple Auction Preview!

    Maple Auction consists of 4 tabs, The Search, Sale, Bid, and Completion tab.

    ① Search: Search for the item you want to buy
    ② Sale: Look at the items on Sale.
    ③ Bid: Look at the bids for each item.
    ④ Completion: Deal Failed/Item Bought, you can also receive refunds.
    Hint: You can sort through items by the arrow key:

    You will be able to see past buying history to up to a week.

    Using Maple Auction

    You can only use the Search Button 5 times a day.
    The number of searches is renewed after a day.

    Quick Search

    You can use the Quick Search to find the item you want.
    Type in the name of the item you want, and the drop down list will list items that have relevancy to the name you typed.

    Search Option

    You can use this to search for specific item categories, like Equipment, Use, and Etc.


    You can drag an item from your inventory and drop it onto the right side to put it up for Auction.
    The bottom right of the item will display the average price of the item.
    Armor and Weapon can be bargained for, and when you set the item up for Bargain, Bidding will begin.
    Potions, Cash, and other items cannot be put up for Bargaining.


    You can cancel a sale by pressing on the X button on the right.


    If you find the item you want, You can either Bid, Bargain, or Buy Now.

    General Trading

    You can choose to Bid, Bargain or Buy Now.
    If you choose to Bid, you will put in a higher price than the previous bidder.
    Bargaining you can choose to set a price lower than what is asked.
    Buying Now will buy the item at the exact amount the person selling asked for.


    Press the Middle button in order to start a Bargain.
    You are free to negotiate the price with the bidder, but the seller can refuse your price.
    Progress on the item being bargained for can be tracked by Notifications at the top.

    When a bargain has been placed, the seller will be notified.
    When a seller refuses, he/she can send a reason why they refused.

    Average Cost Trade

    You can choose to select the quantity of the item you want to sell.
    If one of the items is purchased, the average cost of the item will be adjusted to fit the sale.
    The Average Price of an item will fluctuate in accordance to previous sales history.

    Receiving the Item

    Unsuccessful Auctions can be shown here.
    You can also claim your item or Mesos after a successful transaction.

    Hint: Bargains that lasted an hour will automatically have the highest bidder win the auction.

    Methods on Using the Market

    An easy to use interactive UI for an easy use!

    Surprise Features of Maple Auction!

    By default, you can only have have 3 slots to sell items, and 5 slots to buy something.
    Premium rooms can have double the default amount, so please remember that!

    You can be notified of a sale/bargain through Notifications.
    Click the Notification to see the bargain.

    Auto-Pilot Regional Expansion!

    View your favorite regions with the help of Flight Instructor Irvin!

    Press the top right button on the World Map in order to use the Auto-Pilot skill.
    If you have purchased the Auto-Pilot skill, the button will be in Blue
    If you have not purchased the Auto-Pilot skill, the button will be in Red.

    Talk to Flight Instructor Irvin for more assistance!

    Auto-Pilot Skill

    Regional Expansion for Auto-Pilot!

    Three New Areas of have opened up for Auto-Pilot!

    PC Bang Benefits!

    To the Summer of 2013 and the future!
    Enjoy the new benefits of the PC Bang for RED!

    You can get item boxes at Level 10, 50 and 100!

    Level 10 Box
    Potential: 5% All stat, MP and HP 5%, Weapon and Magic Attack +10.

    Level 50 Box
    Potential: 10% All stat, MP and HP 10%, Total Damage 5%

    Level 100 Box
    Potential: Bossing Damage 30%, Percent Defense Ignored 30%, Critical Rate +10%

    PC Bang Medal
    Potential: All stat +8, MP and HP +300, Weapon and Magic Attack +10.

    PC Bang Only Shop!

    PC Bang Room Hunting: Monster Park!

    Golden Shovel Rental

    Learn Herb Gathering and Mining faster by renting a golden shovel!
    Decrease the time spent harvesting those Veins and Flowers!

    Golden Shovel
    +1 Skill Level. Increase Harvesting Rate and Drop Rate.

    PC Bang Maple Auction

    Enjoy the PC Bang Maple Auction! It is more convenient than the regular Auction House, and has 3 nice benefits.

    1.No Limits to Searches.

    2. Double the Basic Auction Defaults.

    3.Advanced Search Options

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    Yay Maple auction house and Zero!!! =)

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    I really can't understand what PC BANG is.
    Mind explaining?
    Thanks for the info tho, one of the greatest patches ever :)
    Thanks Leo <3
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    that moment you realize how behind maplestory is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirin View Post
    I really can't understand what PC BANG is.
    Mind explaining?
    Thanks for the info tho, one of the greatest patches ever :)
    Thanks Leo <3
    It's PC Room. Not sure why Leo put it in there, seeing as nobody that isn't in Korea can do it as far as I know.

    Props to NwaDeKoko for the signature~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterykitty View Post
    It's PC Room. Not sure why Leo put it in there, seeing as nobody that isn't in Korea can do it as far as I know.
    Because it's part of the Patch Notes.

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    OMG Finally, I'm so hype for it !!!

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    Whats pc bang :C idc if I can't do it I want to find out..

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    wow, zero is awesome... just waiting for the manutention ends :)))

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    I'm just hoping for additional character slot :C


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