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    Ver. 1.2.199 Patch Summary

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    Dual Blade Reorganization!

    First Job

    Dark Sight Dark Sight: Flash Jump can now be used while in Dark Sight.

    Flash Jump Flash Jump: Can now be used a third time.

    Sharp Slash Sharp Slash: New animation added.

    First Job +

    Tornado Spin Tornado Spin: At level 15, it can be combo'd with Flying Assaulter.

    Second Job +

    Flashbang Flashbang: Will cast a debuff on monsters that allows all Dual Blader skills to do an additional 10% damage. When applied onto Bosses, the effect will be halved.

    Third Job

    NEWAscension Blade Ascension Blade: Send monsters flying while flying yourself. Can be combo'd with Flying Assaulter.

    Bloody Storm Bloody Storm: Flying Assaulter and Tornado Spin can be combo'd with this skill at level 10. New Animation added.

    Fourth Job

    Phantom Blow Phantom Blow: Increased Enemy Defense Ignored. Bigger range and faster attack speed. New animation added.

    Blade Fury Blade Fury: Increased Enemy Defense Ignored. Bigger range and faster attack speed. New animation added.

    Mirror Image Mirror Image: After Mirror Image has been destroyed, Shadow Evasion will automatically activate.

    Final Cut Final Cut: Improved range, and increased I-Frames.

    Sudden Raid Sudden Raid: Amount of attacks adjusted.

    Hyper Skills

    NEWBlade Fury - Reinforce: Increase Damage of Blade Fury.

    NEWBlade Fury - Ignore: Increase Amount of Defense Ignored when using Blade Fury.

    NEWBlade Fury - Extra Target: Increase amount of monsters hit with Blade Fury by one.

    Hidden BladeHidden Blade: Increase damage of all Dual Blader skills by 10%.

    Cannon Shooter Reorganization

    First Job

    Cannon Blaster Cannon Blaster: Max Monsters hit increased to 6.

    Blast Back Blast Back: Can now use skill after Cannon Jump. Master Level decreased from 15 to 10. May reduce Monster speed after hit.

    NEW Monkey Jump Monkey Jump: Press jump again in midair to jump once more. Can be used after Cannon Jump.

    Second Job

    Slug Shot Slug Shot: New animations added.

    Third Job

    Cannon Spike Cannon Spike: New animation added. Damage increased.

    NEWMonkey Furious Monkey Furious: Fire a shell that will roll ahead and damage monsters as it passes by. Monsters will gain a debuff effect and take Damage over time and will take additional damage from all Cannon Shooter skills.

    Cannon Jump Cannon Jump: New animation added. Can now be used in midair and will go higher. Can be used with Blast Back and Monkey Jump.

    Counter Shot Counter Shot: Removed and added new Animation.

    Fourth Job

    Cannon Bazooka Cannon Bazooka: New animation added.

    Cannon Buster Cannon Buster: New animation added, increase range and speed. Increased Damage. Increase Defense Ignored.

    Cannon Overburn Cannon Overburn: Increased effect to 50%.

    Hyper Skill

    Rolling Cannon Rainbow Rolling Cannon Rainbow: No longer a hold key down skill. You may now plant it and move around freely.

    Dual Blader and Cannon Shooter Support!

    Dual Blades came with a new look, and support for the Canon shooter is now here!
    Tuesday August 13, 2013!

    New Theme Dungeon: Dimensional Library!

    In the Maple World, a library existed to collect all of the records that has happened.

    The people of the Maple World didn't know about this library...until now.
    Come in and listen to the story!


    -Level 100
    -Have the quest: [Dimensional Library] in progress.

    You can visit the Library via Dimensional Portal

    Tip: Zero must finish his storyline before starting.

    Talk to Rita Lark to select the story you want to read.

    Dimensional Library Preview

    Librarian Thales hands you three books!

    First Episode: The White Wizard
    Hundreds of Years ago, the White Wizard was an acclaimed genius who studied the mysteries of the Maple World, where is he now?

    Second Episode: How to Become an Empress
    The last descendant of the royal Cygnus line is a girl, could she be the new Empress?

    Third Episode: The Black Witch
    The Black Wings have a plan to assassinate the Empress and investigate the missing Dunamis, what's going to happen next?

    Tip: You must finish Episode 1 to do Episode 2, and Episode 2 before Episode 3.
    Tip: Episode 3 has a series of minigames.
    Tip: When hunting in the Dimensional Library Hunting Grounds, you may get a Story Piece.

    Dimensional Library Rewards

    After clearing all three episodes, you shall be given rewards.

    White Wizard Chaser
    Lv100. All Stat +4, MaxHP +160, MaxMP +160, Weapon Defense +70, Magic Defense +70, Avoid +40, Accuracy +40

    Empress Maker
    Lv100. All Stat +4, MaxHP +160, MaxMP +160, Weapon Defense +70, Magic Defense +70, Avoid +40, Accuracy +40

    Shh, I'm Reading
    Lv100. All Stat +4, MaxHP +175, MaxMP +175, Weapon Attack +1, Magic Attack +1, Weapon Defense +70, Magic Defense +70, Avoid +40, Accuracy +40

    Almost Civilized Pendant
    Lv100. All Stat +3, MaxHP +45, MaxMP +45, Weapon Attack +1, Magic Attack +1, Weapon Defense +65, Magic Defense +65

    Secondary Pendant Slot
    Lasts 21 days. Can be extended three times for 7 days each.

    Mastery Book 20
    Lasts 14 days.

    Boss Arena!


    -Level 60
    -Have the quest [Boss Arena] in progress.

    Tip: While registering for a match, channel changing will be disabled.
    Tip: There will be 2 rounds of Boss Arena. One where you fight the other person's Boss, and another where you control the boss.

    There's 6 different types of Bosses!

    You can win a special Boss Arena Emblem after participating!
    There are 7 emblems total.
    You can upgrade them as well!

    Controlling the Boss

    You will have 30 seconds to select which boss and what attacks to use.

    You will have 5 minutes and a Death Count of 10.

    Rewards will be based on your performance.

    Tips: Potions, Pets, Androids, and changing equipments/Hotkey will be disabled.
    Tips: Flash Jump will be limited to 10 times per round.

    You can receive your reward via Spieglmann.

    Boss Arena Emblem
    Level 60. All Stats +5, Weapon and Magic Attack +1.
    How to obtain: Participate in Boss Arena 10 times, regardless of winning or losing.

    Fierce Flames of Reincarnation
    Adds a random option to your Emblem. 100% success Rate, can only be used on your Boss Arena Emblem.
    How to obtain: Every 1 out of 3 wins.
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Gift received at 08-14-2012, 10:22 AM from KremeChoco
    Leo one of the images doesn't show. [I.MG].[/IMG]
    anyways, the patch for DB'S and CS' S is not that good. Where is the 5th job nexon????
    Dimensional Library looks good
    Oh Hi There ;)

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    is this out in kms or will we have to wait just a bit longer

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    I like dimensional library and boss arena looks good for the emblems, the "revamps" are a bit of a joke though

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    i looked at the extractions, and it didntt seem have have added def ignore for phantom blow and blade fury
    get to level 50[x]
    get to level 70[x]
    get to level 90[x]
    get to level 120[x]
    get to level 140[x]
    get to level 160[-]
    get to level 180[-]
    get to level 200[-]
    make an UA[x]

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    Excited for the library.



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