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    ver 1.2.206 Patch Summary

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    ver. 1.2.206 Update Summary

    • Combat System Revamp
      Content Revamp
      Scrolling System Revamp
      Equip Items Revamp
      Community Revamp

    01 Combat System Revamp

    You and I's first update contains field hunting changes to make training enjoyable

    01 :: Elite Monsters & Bosses

    What is an Elite Monster?
    : When hunting in regular maps, after defeating a certain number of mobs, an Elite Monster will appear. They look just like regular monsters located in the map you're in but they're twice the size, have double HP, damage, and EXP. If you defeat a certain number of Elite Monsters, an Elite Boss will appear.

    What is an Elite Boss?
    : After defeating a certain amount of Elite Monsters, an Elite Boss will appear! You'll see a notification when he is summoned. He is much more powerful than Elite Monsters and appears with 2 Elite Monsters.
    After defeating the Elite Boss, you'll be sent to a Bonus Stage where you can earn rewards
    • Elite Monster & Boss Preview

    What is Bonus Stage??
    : You can enter Bonus Stage by simply defeating the Elite Boss.
    Bonus Stage lasts only 20 seconds.
    Fight Elite Bosses with friends and enjoy the rewards that come from Bonus Stage!
    • Bonus Stage Preview

    When an Elite Monster is defeated, it has a higher chance to drop rewards, plus Lv. 110+ Rare-Epic Equipment, Cubes, Flames of Reincarnation, Golden Hammer, and scrolls such as protection scrolls.
    There is no reward drops for killing an Elite Boss - you get them by Bonus Stage. You can receive a lot of EXP and Mesos. In here, you can obtain Lv. 120+ Epic - Unique Equipment, Various Cubes, Flames of Reincarnation, Additional Potential Stamp, Epic Potential Scroll, and scrolls such as Protection scroll.

    02 :: Runes

    A new system added to hunting in maps - Runes!
    Use runes to benefit you while training.

    What is a Rune?
    : Runes spawn in hunting maps every 20 - 30 minutes. They can give you many buffs as there are many.
    To activate a rune, you must be nearby it and hit your SPACE BAR. You'll then be prompted to hit commands to activate it.
    Once activated, the rune will buff you for 2 minutes.

    [Rune of Rapid]
    Your movement and attack speed is increased and
    You receive +100% additional EXP.
    [Rune of Play]
    Heal 10% HP per second, increase 20% in Resistance, and 20% less damage taken and
    You receive +100% additional EXP.
    [Rune of Collapse]
    Monsters are instantly killed when activated. Your damage is increased by 50%
    You receive +100% additional EXP.
    [Rune of Destruction]
    For 15 seconds, monster's HP is reduced by 10% and for 2 minutes, your damage is increased by 50%
    You receive +100% additional EXP.
    • Rune Usage Preview

    Once you activate via SPACE BAR, you must quickly hit the commands prompted.
    If you press the incorrect arrow keys while activating, the rune will fail
    Only one person can receive the effect of the rune.
    Not all fields spawn runes
    If you're 10 levels above the map with a rune, you will not receive the effect of the rune.

    03 :: Additional Revamps in Battle

    Additional Damage Effects
    : Bouncing Damage [Volcano Effect] added
    If you do not want this effect, you can simply change it in the settings back to the original view

    Multi-Kill and Combo Kill
    : If you kill 3 or more monsters in one hit, you will receive the Multikill bonus. If you kill monsters consecutively, you'll receive the Combo Effect. In order to keep the combo effect running, you must kill a monster within 10 seconds of the last kill. The greater the multi-kill and combo, the more EXP.

    Increased party bonus EXP
    : Party play has been applied to almost every map! Party up with people to receive more EXP while killing. Depending on how big the party is, you can receive 125% to 275% EXP

    Party Matching System
    : Take advantage of the party bonus EXP! Whenever you walk into a map, you'll be prompted to party with someone if they're in the same map. This can be turned off in the options.

    Monster's EXP and HP increased
    : Monsters less than Lv. 100 had their HP doubled and EXP increased by 1.2x. Monsters above Lv. 100 had their HP increased by 2-9 times and EXP increased 1.2x - 4x

    Damage Changes
    : The lower the monster's level is, the more damage you'll do. The higher the monster's level is, the less damage you'll do

    Increased AP limit
    : Characters can now have more than 999 AP in one stat

    Party Matching will only happen if you're in the appropriate level. It will appear every time you walk in a new map.
    Characters Lv. 197 or higher will have their AP reset (If the character is an Evan, it is 194 or higher). Does not apply to Demon Avenger.

    04 :: Skill Changes

    Some skills were modified in order to fit with the combat changes.

    Probability of instant kill and cooldown adjusted.

    02 Content

    01 :: Quest and Field Changes

    Quest Revamp
    : Quest mobility is now smoother. Quest EXP was increased

    Field Revamp
    : Lv. 140 and below monster's levels were readjusted
    However, some areas weren't able to be applied to these changes. They're currently now restricted and will come back full of expectations.
    The Grandis World Map can now be viewed

    Zero's quests remains the same
    Victoria Island's taxi is now free
    All quests in progress were deleted.
    KFT, Omega Sector, Cursed Forest, Nautilus Ocean, and Florina Beach are closed

    02 :: Content Revamp

    Reorganization of key places
    : Entry level to certain places adjusted

    [Mu Lung Dojo]
    Lv. 120+

    [Root Abyss]
    Lv. 125+

    [Monster Park + Monster Park Extreme]
    Lv. 100+

    [Nett's Pyramid]
    Lv. 80 - 109

    Lv. 60+

    Lv. 105+. Some rewards modified

    [Evolution System]
    Lv. 105+

    [World Integration PQs]
    Lv. 70+

    [Monster Arena]
    Lv. 70+

    [Gold Beach]
    Lv. 35+

    [Golden Temple]
    Modified rewards

    Balrog Revamp
    : Balrog expedition changed to Lv. 65 - 100
    Some of Balrog's attacks changed to make it easier to fight.
    Some Balrog rewards changed

    [Balrog's Leather Shoes]
    All Stat + 3, W.ATK +1, M.ATK +1
    [Balrog's Fur Leather Shoes]
    All Stat + 3, W.ATK +1, M.ATK +1
    [Balrog Weapons]
    They have the same level requirement and attack as regular ones. They still retain their additional slot

    Zakum Revamp
    : The entry level to Zakum changed to Lv. 90. The HP of normal Zakum adjusted
    Additionally, all channels can be used to fight Easy/Normal/Chaos Zakum. To enter Zakum, you do not need to have done the pre-quests. The quests can be repeated. You can talk to the El Nath Job instructors to be teleported to Zakum's entrance
    • Zakum Entry Preview

    • Repeat Quest Preview

    Azwan is closed, but can still be used to enter Hilla
    Meisterville's entrance level is Lv. 35
    After this patch, the following places are closed.
    : Monster Carnival, Ariant Arena, Spiegelmann's Strange Gallery, Mini Dungeons, Mushroom Castle, Kerning Square, Chryse, Cherry Blossom Castle, Tera Forest/Neo City, Azwan Liberation

    03 :: Maple Tutorial

    A tutorial system was added for Maplers Lv. 10 - 140. Every time you level up you can go to the quest guide (below) to accept a recommended quest. Additionally, you'll have the option to warp to the field directly!
    • Maple Tutorial Preview

    The Level up guide will be removed and replaced with the Maple Tutorial under the mini map

    03 Scrolling System

    Monsters level 20 or more will be dropping Scroll Pieces. Use these to enhance your equipments

    What are Scroll Pieces?
    : Scroll Pieces are a way to scroll your equipments instead.
    The amount of scroll pieces needed depends on the type of scroll and success rate.

    [Scroll Pieces]
    • Use of Scroll Pieces Preview

    마력 결정과 주문의 정수란?
    : 전문기술을 이용한 제작에 필요한 재료.
    이제 주문서 분해 뿐만 아니라 몬스터를 물리치면 마력 결정과 주문의 정수를 얻을 수 있습니다.

    [마력 결정]
    마력이 결정화 된 하급 광석이다. 수상한 큐브, 주문서, 환생의 불꽃을 분해하거나
    몬스터로부터 얻을 수 있다. 마력이 필요한 제작에 폭넓게 사용된다.
    [하급 주문의 정수]
    주문서로부터 주문의 흐름이 추출된 순도가 낮은 정수이다. 주문서를 분해하거나 몬스터로부터 얻을 수 있다.
    마력이 필요한 제작에 폭넓게 사용된다.
    [중급 주문의 정수]
    주문서로부터 주문의 흐름이 추출된 정수이다. 주문서를 분해하거나 몬스터로부터 얻을 수 있다.
    마력이 필요한 제작에 폭넓게 사용된다.
    [상급 주문의 정수]
    주문서로부터 주문의 흐름이 추출된 순도가 높은 정수이다. 주문서를 분해하거나 몬스터로부터 얻을 수 있다.
    마력이 필요한 제작에 폭넓게 사용된다.

    Cash scrolls can be used the same existing method
    If you fail a scroll by using scroll pieces, it will not be destroyed - only the slot will be usage will decreased (as usual)

    04 Equip Items

    Lv. 100 or under Equips Revamp
    : Armor Lv. 100 or below have changed. They now have set effects. They'll range from having 2~4 different benefits, depending on how many equipment pieces you're wearing.
    The set effect applies in every 20 level units

    2 Set Effect DEF +20, Accuracy +20, Avoid +20
    3세트 효과 MaxHP +1%, MaxMP +1%
    4세트 효과Main Stat + 1, ATK + 1

    Equip Drop Rate adjusted
    : The drop rate for equipments has been lowered. To balance this, equipments below Lv. 110 had their NPC sell price increased.

    Equip Drop Effect & Potential Visual Revamp
    : When equips with potential are dropped, there will be an effect surrounding it for indication. Additionally, you will not need to reveal the potential of an item to know if it's Rare/Epic/Unique/Legendary. It'll simply state at the top.

    Inner Ability Revamp
    : Inner Ability has been changed - no more honor levels. Plus, it got a neat look to it now!
    Medal of Honor will still drop, but will not give honor EXP. It'll simply give reputation instead. You can use reputation to set up how you want your inner ability!
    • Inner Ability Preview

    Gathering Adjustments
    : There are now all types of collecting available in Meisterville

    Inner Ability honor EXP -> reputation will not be transferred.
    All characters will be given 500 reputation if over Lv. 30 after patch
    You can reset your inner ability even if you have Legendary rank. You can use reputation to reset it.
    Medal of Honors and Event Boxes can now be added to a hot key.

    05 Community

    What is an Integrated Account Friend?
    : It is when a friend is added to ALL their characters in the same Maple ID under the same world. You wont have to worry about needing to buddy every time! You can apply this even if your friend is offline.
    • How To Register a Friend to Integrated Account Friend

    • Integrated Account Utilization Friend

    Additionally, you can show as 'offline' to people. When logging in, at the 2nd Password window, you can check to be shown as offline when logging in to all your friends.
    Friends who you have several characters on your list and you account integrate them, they'll be merged together.

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    Characters Lv. 197 or higher will have their AP reset (If the character is an Evan, it is 194 or higher). Does not apply to Demon Avenger.

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    Additionally, you will not need to reveal the potential of an item to know if it's Rare/Epic/Unique/Legendary. It'll simply state at the top.

    Take that merchants trying to sell items with crappy pot by strange cubbing it to hidden.

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