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    ver 1.2.213 - Flame Wizard Patch Summary

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    Includes the following
    • Flame Wizard Revamp
    • Boss Entry Improvements, Party UI Revamp
    • Mystic Gate Re-opened
    • Skill Voice Option

    Flame Wizard Revamp

    Return of the brilliant Flame Wizard!

    Major Revamp Features

    First, Returning Fireball! Orbital Flame

    Orbital Flame has a unique quality. Cast a fireball and watch it return to you in a boomerang like fashion.

    Two, Direction of the flame is free!

    Choose the direction you'd like to cast the orbital flame!

    Skill Revamp

    • Beginner Skills
      • Elemental Slash Elemental Slash: Hit your enemy with pure unrefined elemental force
      • Journey Home Journey Home: Borrow the power of Shinsoo to return to the Empress
      • Elemental Harmony Elemental Harmony: Learn the harmony between elements and their affinity
      • Elemental Expert Elemental Expert: Master all attacks that use properties of elements
      • Elemental Shift Elemental Shift: Flash Jump
      • Cygnus Blessing Cygnus Blessing: Same as before.
    • 1st Job
      • Orbital Flame Orbital Flame: To a certain distance of you, send a blow to an enemy. You can adjust it to all four directions.
      • Flame Bite Flame Bite: Spit fire in a long distance in front of you.
      • Element - Flame Element - Flame: Flame orbits around you for a certain amount of time, buffing your magic attack
      • Fire Walk Fire Walk: Go with the element of fire, disappear and reappear at a certain distance. Defense is increased passively, permanently. Replaces Elemental Shift.
      • Fire Repulsion Fire Repulsion: Damage is replaced by Mana (Magic Guard)
      • Natural Ability Natural Ability: Increase your Max MP and MP per level.
    • 2nd Job
      • Orbital Flame II Orbital Flame II: Increases the damage of flame, number of targets, and able to cast two.
      • Flame Vortex Flame Vortex: A vortex of flames pushes enemies away in front of you.
      • Time And Rest Time And Rest: Escape from the heat of the battle to restore a certain percentage of MP
      • Book Of Fire Book Of Fire: For a period of time, your damage and attack speed increases.
      • Ignition Ignition: Causes all your skills to gain the ability to produce damage over time.
      • Fire Blink Fire Blink: Leave a trail of fire at the position when used this skill. Re-use this skill to teleport to that location.
      • Element - Flame II Element - Flame II: The element of fire's damage increased is increased
      • Spell Grinding Spell Grinding: Magic Attack and Magic are increased
    • 3rd Job
      • Orbital Flame III Orbital Flame III: Increase the damage and distance of the orbital flame, as well as being able to cast three.
      • Flame Tempester Flame Tempester: Cast a powerful flame to push enemies from both sides away from you.
      • Maelstorm Maelstorm: Pull one enemy to you, damaging all of that same enemy in the map.
      • Born Phoenix Born Phoenix: Revive after a deadly blow with a certain amount of health. Become invincible for a certain amount of time.
      • Element - Flame III Element - Flame III: The element of fire's damage is increased
      • Unleashed Magic Unleashed Magic: When using skills, the more MP you have, the more damage.
      • Weakness Insight Weakness Insight: Critical rate and minimum critical damage increased.
      • Sparkling Enlightenment Sparkling Enlightenment: Permanently increase INT
    • 4th Job
      • Cygnus Knights Cygnus Knights: Maple Warrior, essentially
      • Orbital Flame IV Orbital Flame IV: Increase the damage on Orbital Flame. Allows you to cast four.
      • Blazing Extinction Blazing Extinction: Launch a flame sphere. Within the sphere, enemies will be burned.
      • Infernalize Infernalize: The location of fire is condensed in one area, causing an eruption of fire. The effect of Ignition has a greater effect
      • Flame Barrier Flame Barrier: Absorb damage for a period of time. Additionally, during the barrier being casted, it will cast explosions, damaging enemies.
      • Spirit Of Flame Spirit Of Flame: During this is used, cost of MP is increased for skills, but enemies' Magic Defense is lowered, as well as having the ability to ignore a certain amount of DEF of an enemy.
      • Burning Region Burning Region: If party members are nearby the region, their damage and attack speed will increase.
      • Element - Flame IV Element - Flame IV: The element of fire's damage is increased
      • Unquenchable Flame Unquenchable Flame: Increase the damage over time of Ignition.
      • Magic Of Truth Magic Of Truth: Magic attack, magic, and minimum critical damage is increased.
    • Hyper Skills
      • Orbital Flame - Reinforce Orbital Flame - Reinforce: Increase damage of Orbital Flame
      • Orbital Flame - Ignore Guard Orbital Flame - Ignore Guard: Ignore certain amount of defense when using Orbital Flame
      • Orbital Flame - Limit Break Orbital Flame - Limit Break: Increase the number of Orbital Flames
      • Ignition - Max Ignition Ignition - Max Ignition: Increase the DoT damage cycle (?)
      • Ignition - Reinforce Ignition - Reinforce: Increase the DoT damage
      • Ignition - Max Explosion Ignition - Max Explosion: Increase the explosion damage of Ignition
      • Blazing Extinction - Add Attack Blazing Extinction - Add Attack: Increase the number of attacks of Blazing Extension
      • Blazing Extinction - Reinforce Blazing Extinction - Reinforce: Increase the damage of Blazing Extension
      • Blazing Extinction - Duration Blazing Extinction - Duration: Increase duration of Blazing Extension
      • Glory of the Guardians Glory of the Guardians: Same old thing
      • Dragon Slave Dragon Slave: Cast ruthless fire to an enemy by holding down the key.
      • Cataclysm Cataclysm: Summon a huge fire that is dropped to every enemy and everything around you.

    Additional Info

    Flame Wizard's character card is as follows

    Magic Damage Per Level

    Between now and May 18th, reach level 100 on a blaze wizard to receive a Red Pointed Beanie!

    Boss and Party UI Revamp

    Party UI

    Party Search (Hotkey 'O') has been deleted/merged! Press the party key 'P' to find people to party with you.

    When creating a party, you can set whether it's a private party or not. You can also name your party!

    In the party window, you can right click a party member's name and choose to either follow to their channel, party, or send a note.

    Boss Entry UI

    Expedition is now deleted, being replaced with this functionality.

    You can select which boss and mode you'd like to go to. Press the GO button to be paired up with others to go challenge together!

    Once you are paired up, the party will move to the area.

    Mystic Gates Re-opened

    Mystic Gates is back once more!

    Open Period (Total of 4 days) : May 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th

    Skill Voice Settings

    You now have the ability to mute or adjust the volume of your character's voice.
    Simply go to System -> Option
    Below sound effects you'll see the option for skill voice, as show below

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    Wow, flame wizard's even better than I thought.
    So much power
    And that character card



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