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Patch contains the following items.
  • · Maplestory 1st SPIN OFF Friends Story
    • ㄴ① Friends Story - Story Quest
    • ㄴ② Friends Story - Old Building Dungeon
  • · Guild Search Improvements

Maplestory 1st SPIN OFF Friends Story

Imagine the Maple World in the real world, where they go to school and use phones.
Experience the Maple characters in Seoul! Introducing Friends Story!

1.Friends Story Entry Way

Crossover from Fantasy to Reality. The entry way has two possible places to go: Story Quests and Old Building Dungeon

2.Friends Story Highlights

Main Features

First, Maple World's outside stories

Elwynn, the wizard, located in Henesys will be able to to let you jump across dimensions. Once arrived, you'll be in Seoul, at a school named Shinsoo International School which you'll be seeing many familiar faces.
This consists of a Prologue and 5 chapters.
Experience what happens here in this world

Second, a special dungeon that will help you grow

There is an old school building that you will be able to enter once you complete all five chapters.
Once you clear all chapters, you'll receive a special badge. By challenging this dungeon, you'll increase the stats of the badge!
Join together with your friends and try out this dungeon!

Third, transform yourself with school uniforms!

When you clear story quests and dungeon, you will be rewarded with Needles and Golden Needles
Head over to Big Headward to trade these in for various school uniforms

When you complete the prologue, you'll be rewarded with one needle. Completing a chapter gives you two needle. You can gain more by completing the dungeon
The golden needle drops from the boss in the dungeon.

① Friends Story - Story Quests

1.Friends Story Entry

Required Level : Lv.33 ~ Lv.250
Entry Wat : ① Henesys - Wardrobe House Entry Portal
② Through the Dimensional Mirror
Quest Begins At : Smartphone call from other students

Henesys - Wardrobe House

Shinsoo International School Map

| · Dungeon and Story quest experience will be given accordingly to your level

2.Friends Story Fun Point

Beyond Imagination Episodes

: Consists of a prologue and 5 chapters. You'll need to do the chapters in chronological order.
Chapters open up at a specific date and time.

Accept all quests and view progress via Smartphone!

Upon entering the school, you'll have a Smartphone icon on the left side of your screen. Opening up the smartphone window will allow you to accept quests and contact several NPCs

3.Friends Story Rewards

Belongs to Big Headward. Return these to them in exchange for a uniform.
[Ordinary Uniform Coupon]
You can change your look with this uniform
[Shinsoo International School Badge]
Stats : Lv.30, STR +1, DEX +1, INT +1, LUK +1, MaxHP +30, MaxMP +30, Speed +1, Jump +1
* Is a growth item. Wear it in the old building dungeon to raise it's stats
[OO's Best Friend] - Medal
Lv.33, STR +2, DEX +2, INT +2, LUK +2, MaxHP +300, MaxMP +300, Attack +1, Attack +1
* There are 9 different medals you can get. Progress through the storyline to get them!

[OO's Best Friend] - Chair
* There are 9 different chairs. Doing quests will get you a chair

| · When you complete all the quests, you'll be able to get 1 Medal and 1 Chair that is best for you

② Friends Story - Old Building Dungeon

1.Old Building Dungeon Entry

Entry Way : After completing all of the chapters, you may enter via the portal on the top left of school campus
User Entry : 1-3 People In a party
Number of Possible Entries : 10 Times a day (resets at midnight)

| · You must wear the badge to enter the building
· If you lose the badge, simply talk to the NPC in front of the building for a new one.

2.Dungeon Fun Points

When you enter the dungeon, it is different each time.

: It consists of 4 stages and 1 boss stage
Every time you enter, the order and who appears on each stage can change.

Growth Badge

: Complete all the chapters and you'll receive the Shinsoo International School Badge!
While wearing this badge in the old building, it's stats will increase as you receive EXP!

Needle Collection fun!

: Upon clearing chapters and dungeon runs, you'll be rewarded needles for Big Headward
Additionally, the final boss on the roof of the old school building dungeon will drop a golden needle

Trade these needles in for special school uniform coupons

<Before and After Appearance Change>

| · The highest level the badge can grow is 9
· Every time you clear the dungeon, you'll receive EXP for your badge
· NPC Big Headward will allow you to revert the appearance of your equipment back to it's original state

3.Friends Story Old Building Rewards

Upon clearing the dungeon, a clear window will appear. It will show you the EXP receive, needles received, and how much your badge grew.

| · If you leave the dungeon before completing it, you will not get any rewards
· You get rewards by defeating the boss

2 Guild Search Improvements

You can now filter by "Exact Match" by checking the box above
Can sort by guild name or guild master