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    ver. 1.2.218 – Coordinator’s Helping Hand: Star Force!

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    1 Equip Enhancement System Reorganized

    New equip enhancement system, called Star Force has been implemented. The new system allows Maplers to enhance their equips without the need of worrying the equips being destroyed.

    How to Use Star Force System

    You no longer need Equip Enhancement scrolls to enhance them. There'll be an Equipment Enhancement UI, right next to the tab of Scrolling UI.

    You are able to see the the maximum stars you can enhance for the equip as shown below.

    Highlights of the Star Force System

    We introduce to you the main features of the Star Force.

    More Accessibility to Enhancement
    Information of the success rate, failing rate, mesos etc. are shown in the UI.

    Two, Maximum of 25 Stars

    Unlike the previous system where you can only reach 15 stars, you can now enhance your equips up to 25 stars maximum.

    However, there are limitation. Depending on the level of your equipment, a limit is set on how many times you can enhance your equips.

    You can check the maximum number of stars for the equip at the last line of the equip description. It'll also tell you how many stars you have gained for the equips. As shown in the image below.

    Three, 0% Fail Rate till Star 12! Item Traces if Equipment Destroyed after Star 13 & Above

    Even if you fail the enhancement from Star 1 - Star 12, only the Stars will be decreased. There will be no failure rate & your equips will not be destroyed. So, take advantage of this feature and enhance your equips without any fear at early stages.

    From Star 13 & above, the enhancement will have enhancement decreasing rate & also failure rate that might destoy your equip.

    Even if your equip is destroyed, you'll get an item called Equipment Inheritance that carries over scrolled stats and potential stats to a new similar equip.

    Four, Increase Success Rate through Mini-Games

    You must go through mini-games when you enhance your equips.
    A star will move horizontally. If you managed to get the star to stop at the centre, the success rate will be increased. The difficulty of the mini games will increase if you play multiple times consecutively.

    | · Equips that have been scrolled with Miraculous Enhancement Scrolls will have a blue display on them and they cannot be enhanced with Star Force system.
    ·The cost of the enhancement depends on the equipment level and the number of stars you have on it.
    · If you fail 2 enhancement in a row, you'll get a Chance Time [ 100% success rate]
    - 1~5성이 되기 위한 강화 도중 실패하는 경우
    - 10성, 15성, 20성을 달성한 상태로 다음 단계 강화 도중 실패하는 경우
    · 슈페리얼 장비는 1성을 달성한 이후부터 강화 도중 실패 시 강화 단계가 하락합니다.
    · 일반 장비와 슈페리얼 장비 모두 2회 연속 강화 실패 시 다음 강화 시도는 100% 성공합니다.

    How to use Item Traces

    The item trace is obtainable if the equip is destroyed from Star 13 & above.You can use the item traces to transfer scrolled stats & potential stats through the enhancement as shown in the images below.

    | · 장비의 흔적은 장비전승, NPC상점 판매, 버리기만 할 수 있습니다.
    · The item trances can only be used once.
    · 장비전승은 항상 성공하며, 장비전승으로 흔적에 있는 옵션이 옮겨진 장비의 이전 옵션은 사라집니다.

    2. Skill Reorganization

    A total of 21 jobs are getting adjustments for job balancing.
    The way to acquire 4th job SP has been slightly modified.

    Skill Balancing

    Wondering what are the skill changes being made?
    For more info, click here.

    SP Acquisition Modified

    Ways you acquire SP has been modified.

    After Level 101
    - After Lv 100, all levels that end with the digit 0, 3, 6, or 9 will only give you 2x the SP
    - Every 10 levels after Lv 101, you'll get 1 SP more per level

    You'll only need 255 SP to max out all your skills. By Lv140, you should already max out all 4th job skills. The table below shows the amount of SP you'll be getting every level.

    The Skill UI has been modified.
    When clicking the up arrow to increase a skill's level, you'll now be prompted if you'd like to add more than 1 SP or All

    | · You cannot undo SP allocation after you click OK button.
    · Price of Mastery Book 20 & 30 are cheaper now.
    · You will not get SP after Lv140. However, Zero & Evan are excluded.

    3 Content Reorganization

    Stars have dropped from the sky into the Maple World
    The fallen stars has stregthened monsters in some specific maps.

    Some bossses & the tutorial system has been reorganized.

    Strengthened Monsters Everywhere

    Maps in Minar Forest, Ludibrium Clocktower, Dead Mine & Dragon's Forest has been updated. The fallen stars has stregthened the monsters. These monsters give better experience and rewards. The maps will these monsters can be easily identified with either a red portal or via the world screen Star icon.

    Maps with Star monsters can be identified by the red portals as seen in the image below.

    These monsters are protected by a shield where it cannot be easily hit. You'll need an amout of Star Force, the mount of stars on all your equipments that you are wearing, to neutralize it.

    Hover your mouse at the Star Force maps in the World Map to find out the recommended Star Force needed to defeat the monsters efficiently. You can check the amount of Star Force you currently have through the Stats UI.

    | · Overalls give twice the amount of stars to make up for top & bottom combo.

    Bosses Reorganization

    Some bosses have been reorganized.

    Difficulty Magnus [Easy], Von Leon [Easy] has been lowered.
    Horntail [Normal] level entry raised to Level 130. Horntail [Easy] has been added. Recommended to do at Lv130.

    | · Elixir of Transformation quest not required for Easy Mode Horntail.
    · Talk to Moire to get the Medal of Honor to enter.

    Evolving System Reorganized

    EXP of the monsters in Evolving System has been increased.
    The level of difficulty of quests in every link has been adjusted. The quest contents will be more exciting.
    The Structure of the map has been updated to allow you to access all the links easily.
    Limit has been changed from 5 times per day (20 minutes per) to 3 times per day ( 15 minutes per )
    You can now revive inside Evolving System, plus all party memebers will share Evolving Coin if you loot one.

    | · 개편되어 사라진 코어를 이미 갖고 있는 경우 그대로 사용할 수 있습니다.

    Maple Tutorial Improved


    Maple Tutorial now gives more detailed information about the map
    You can also view the rewards of the bosses or the theme dungeons.

    | · Maple Tutorial will split into 2 modes NORMAL and HARD
    - NORMAL : Quests/ Evolving Systems / Hunting maps / theme dungeon etc.
    - HARD : Bosses & Star Force maps

    Elite Monsters Adjustments

    The skills of Elite Monsters are based on the level of monsters around them
    Those who hit the Mimic to drop are the only ones that can get the prizes
    You can only get 3 rare items per bonus stage.

    4. Game Reward Reorganization

    New Level 110, 120, 130 & 140 equip set is released.

    4.1 New Set of Equipments

    The new Level 110 - 140 Equipment sets can be obtained by defeating normal monsters.

    New weapons.
    -Zakum's Poisonic Weapons (Level100, total 24 weapons), Behizer Weapons( Lv110/Obtainable by 115-129 monsters), Jaihinn Weapons (Lv130/Obtainable by 125-139 monsters), Utgard Weapons (Lv140/Obtainable by Lv135 or higher monsters).

    New Armors
    - Iculetig Armor (Lv120/Obtainable by 115-129 monsters), Necromancer Armor (Lv120/Obtainable by Hilla), Muspell Armor (Lv130/Obtainable by 125-139 monsters), Fensalir Armor (Lv140/Obtainable by Lv135 or higher monsters).

    New Equipment set effects
    ※ Image below is taken from Warrior equips.

    New Accessories added

    [Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory]
    Stats : Lv.100, STR +6, DEX +6, INT +6, LUK +6, WA +1, MA+1, 물리방어력 +100, 마법방어력 +100
    [Condensed Power Face Accessory]
    Stats : Lv.110, STR +5, DEX +5, INT +5, LUK +5, WA +5, MA +5, 물리방어력 +100, 마법방어력 +100
    [Crystal Ventus Badge]
    Stats : Lv.130, STR +10, DEX +10, INT +10, LUK +10, WA +5, MA +5, 명중치 +50, 회피치 +50
    이동속도 +10, 점프력 +10
    [Royal Black Metal Shoulders]
    Stats : Lv.120, STR +10, DEX +10, INT +10, LUK +10, WA +6, MA +6
    물리방어력 +100, 마법방어력 +100
    [Dea Sidus Earrings]
    Stats : Lv.130, STR +5, DEX +5, INT +5, LUK +5, WA +2, MA +2, 물리방어력 +50, 마법방어력 +50
    [Silver Blossom Ring]
    Stats: Lv.110, STR +5, DEX +5, INT +5, LUK +5, WA +2, MA +2
    [Golden Clover Belt]
    Stats : Lv.140, STR +15, DEX +15, INT +15, LUK +15, MaxHP +150, MaxMP +150, WA +1, MA +1
    물리방어력 +150, 마법방어력 +150
    [Pink Light Grail] - Pocket Item
    Stats : Lv.140, STR +5, DEX +5, INT +5, LUK +5, MaxHP +50, MaxMP +50, WA+5, MA +5

    Lion King's Castle Reorganization

    Lion King's Castle quests had their level increased from 110 to 115.

    New Lv130 Royal Van Leon Equipment is now sold.
    Coins shop reorganized. It no longer sells Lv120 & 125 Van Leon equipments.
    Lion King's Noble Medals have been deleted, now you can only use Lion King's Royal Medals.Existing Noble Medalss will be automatically changed into Royal Medals.
    You can acquire Lion King's Royal Medals by using 50 Purification Totems on a Lion King's Medal.

    | · Users with Nobel Medals will be compensated with 1 Royal Modem for every 2 Noble Medals.
    · 길라잡이 NORMAL, HARD 탭에 아래와 같은 분류로 추천 컨텐츠, 필드 등을 볼 수 있습니다.

    5 Maplers' Suggestions

    Based on several feedbacks from maplers, a few changes has been made.

    Blacklist system updated. Blacklisted users cannot track you, whisper you or send you messages.
    If you get on the game in offline mode, other maplers will not be able to track you. You will also appear offline in guild and guild alliance.

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